Periphery: new album mix clip (updated)


Periphery have posted a 30 second video clip of their new album mix on their YouTube channel. Watch it below. A test clip of Misha 'Bulb' Mansoor using his Daemoness 7 string guitar was posted earlier.

UPDATE: the band have posted another short clip featuring some vocal tracking footage. Watch it below.

Opiate: 'Palace of Sand' music video


Opiate have released a music video for their song 'Palace of Sand', produced by Mad Mob Productions and Team JiYo. Watch it below. 'Palace of Sand' is the first track on the band's debut EP 'Reflection', which was released on October 2nd and is available for free download.

Stream / download 'Reflection' from Bandcamp.

Vengeance From The Sky: third studio update video


Vengeance From The Sky have posted a third video in a series of studio updates, featuring the vocal tracking for the song 'The Day It All Changed'. Watch it below. The album, titled 'Origins', is planned to be released in February 2012. The previous video in the series was posted in August.

Modern Day Babylon: 'The Unknown Guest' bass and guitar playthrough video


Modern Day Babylon have uploaded a bass and guitar playthrough video for their song 'The Unknown Guest' to their YouTube channel. Watch it below. Live footage from the band's first show was posted earlier.

Beheading Of A King: 'Leader of The Suburbs' playthrough video


Metal Junkie have posted a video featuring guitarist Jaime Bosvik of Beheading Of A King playing through the band's song 'Leader of The Suburbs'. Watch it below. This track is featured as the 6th song on the band's EP 'Quasar: Preserving Legacy', which was released in July.

Beyond The Dust: 'Reaching Breath' solo playthrough video


Beyond The Dust have posted a video, featuring the band's guitarist Steeves Hostin playing through the solo part of a new song, titled 'Reaching Breath', to their YouTube channel. Watch it below. Another playthrough video for the track 'The Fall' was posted earlier.

Born Of Osiris: video interview with Bare Bones Music


Bare Bones Music have posted a video interview with with Joe Buras and Lee McKinney of Born of Osiris on their Youtube page. Watch it below. A drum playthrough video of 'Singularity' was posted earlier.

ForTiorI: two new song playthroughs


Jonathan Schnitzspan of ForTiorI has posted playthroughs of two new songs, 'Enter Infinity' and 'Blinded', to his Youtube channel. Watch and listen below. He also writes: "this video will also give you an idea of what my next album is going to sound like - a sort of mix between the old school kind of metal (like Machine Head, Korn, Soulfly) and the new school kind of metal (like Periphery, Animals As Leaders, Volumes)... it´s gonna be called 'Sloan'".

Visions: video update


Visions have posted a tour update video on their YouTube channel. Watch it below. It also includes some footage of new material being tracked, along with short clips from the band's show at this year's Euroblast Festival. The band have recently been announced for UK Tech Metal Fest.

Nemertines: new single 'Frustration'


Russian solo musician Sabrina Scissors of Nemertines has released a new single called 'Frustration' on YouTube and Bandcamp. Listen below. An album called 'Bad Blood' was released in August.

Listen to 'Frustration' on Bandcamp.

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