Content policy

While is a website built by its users, and all content is provided by volunteers, it is ultimately our responsibility. We feel the need to enforce some constraints, to ensure that this website abides by the law and is suitable for all ages.

The server is hosted on is located in Texas, USA, and as such, the website is subject to the laws of that state. The following is a non-exhaustive list of prohibited content. Posting any of these or solliciting them is not allowed.

  • No illegal material, or links to it.
  • No pornography, or links to it.
  • No hateful or violent content, or links to it.
  • No spam or other malicious content, or links to it.
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Any content not in accordance with our content policy is subject to immediate removal without warning, and the creators, in as far as they can be identified, can be denied access to the website.

In addition, we expect our users to behave. Trolling will not be tolerated.

djent or not djent?

The discussion of whether or not a given band, release or song can be considered "djent", is one we would very much like to avoid.

We count on your common sense to figure out what is relevant and what isn't. Obviously this isn't the place to post a news bulletin about Britney Spears's upcoming album, we can say that much. The staff is reluctant to remove any content that is considered irrelevant by some users, but if at some point we feel the need to intervene, we will.