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So my band is booked for our first gig. We are using backing tracks for bass, 2nd guitar, some ambient stuff and a few vocal harmonies. Right now we are using Cubase, in to 2 Focusrite Saffire Pro 40's (doubles our outputs). We run the vocal mic and an xlr from the axe fx to the 1st focusrite so that we can hear them in our in ear mix. I have backing bass, rhythm guitar, lead riffs, ambient riffs/synthy stuff, and backing vocals in their own "sends" from Cubase so we can control levels from the Saffire for our IEM. We send the bass signal and guitar signals to on stage rigs so that we have stage volume, and not everything ONLY going through the PA, which would make it sound funny to anyone standing at the front of the stage.

We got the 2nd Saffire in order to send multiple outs to the sound engineer at the venue. Should allow us to send bass, 1st guitar, 2nd guitar, synthy/ambient parts, backing vocals in respective channels to allow them control over levels. We would also like to mic a few drums to have in our IEM as well.

So here are the questions. In mic'ing the drums for a mix, do the mic's come to the saffire first, then send back to the stage snake, or vice versa?
Does our current setup make sense? Is stuff being routed appropriate?

Just don't want to show up to our first gig and have no clue how to hook everything up.

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The only thing I've ever needed to mic from the kit for IEM is the kick drum. You can get enough usually off the kit itself plus let the sound guy put some in the foldback. Once you're running EVERYTHING through your interface, you might as well just invest in a decent digital mixer and mix yourselves from an iPad or something and just send a two channel mix to the FOH so you can save on set-up/cabling mess. I'm all for doing the backing track/DI/IEM thing from a performance perspective, but unless you have a long time to set up at every show, you might want to consider scaling it back/down to an easily manageable set-up.