Djent without whiny clean vocals.

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My singer can' t sing in clean, so the future ep of my band will be w/ cleans.

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My main Djent bands Vildhjarta, Humanities last breath, Nemertines (instrimental). I've been searching for more but all i keep finding is clean vocal and not very brutal shit.

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V I L D H J A R TA ......and if you are feeling experimental, go with RINGS OF SATURN

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I prefer instrumental groups, since singers with guttural and shouted voices tend to look like a stuffing of the song, and they become dead and monotonous. Although, generally these are the ones that I prefer, although they are not of djent groups.

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Check out this cover of George Michael's "Careless Whisper". It has awesome djent riffing and killer clean vocals that are not whiny like Spencer Sotelo. Their going to release an album of original material in June 2017.

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Not really Djent, but still an awesome band: Fallujah.
I think there is only cleans (not whiney) in one song. Some tracks include cleans by a female vocalist.
Check them out, great stuff!!!