Drop Tuning on Baritone 7 String (28 Inch Scale)

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Hello all,

I just purchased an Agile 728 in addition to bare-knuckle juggs, and I'm looking to do some professional drop tuned recordings. Of course, such a combination requires a proper setup - especially the string gauges and tuning.

I won't pretend I know anything about neck tension, but could someone give me the rundown of how I should go about tuning my 7 string to drop F? I'm afraid if I purchase any old string set and tune it down, I could potentially be stressing too much weight (or too less), on the guitar neck.

My proposed tuning from low to high is:

-F C F A# D# G C

Given this, can someone tell me which octaves these should (example: F1 C2) be dialed in at and the gauges? I would like to plug it into the online guitar tension program so I can tell the music store how to set this up (truss rod and bridge adjustment etc).

Thank you in advance. Also, I really might seem like a noob, but I have made my own material if you're interested: