Finished a piece I spent most of summer on! (17 minute piano/sax driven jazzy prog-rock)

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Hey guys, I have spent a looooot of time on this piece. I wanted it to be like an EP length chunk of music, but for it to be one continuously flowing song. I also had a bunch of saxes at my house this summer, so you will hear baritone, tenor, alto, and soprano all at different points. I really worked hard on this, and I would greatly appreciate any commentary on composition, mix, tones, whatever. Thanks guys!


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Perfect conclusion to my summer term of class.

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Yeah dude this is insanely good. Fantastic as always. The textures of all the instruments are so satisfying. I can tell you put a lot of work and thought into this. I've probably asked this before, but do you find inspiration from Kayo Dot at all? I could see you touring with them, all I'm saying. Wink

I'm still listening to this as I type. so freaking good!

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Thats awesome!!

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Composition is amazing as always, hard to find something I don't like about it. Lovin' it!