How to make a playthrough video?

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I have a finished mp3 or wav track and a good video camera. So, how can i combine or merge it to make a playthrough video?

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Well some sort of video editor is a necessity - can really be anything from Movie Maker to Sony Vegas Pro or whatever you have available. (keep in mind that's like saying to record music you can use anything from Garage Band to Pro Tools) Depending on what you want to do you can just do one shot or take multiple takes from different angles and do some time editing to make them fit together. While editing in any video software you should have the option to mute or delete the actual audio from the video (may have to separate them first) then just import the mp3 or .wav and line it up.

EDIT: One tip that's been very helpful for me - if you ever need to shoot something with video and record audio via a mic simultaneously - is to face the camera and clap. Then when editing later, line up the peak in the waveform and the frame of your hands actually touching. Everything else should be synced up Smile

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Use a simple video editor, or any complex one can do the job too, Adobe Premiere

Use two audio tracks, one for the mix and another with the room mic of your playthrough. Use a decent camera and 2 or more angles to make it interesting

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Get a camera, act out your play through, and something as simple as iMovie or movie maker will do the job

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I use sony vegas for my edits. Very easy to use. I put all files from my full hd camera in one folder before transferring and that should make it easy and organize.