I make Psychedelic Music

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wewwww have not been on this site for a looonggg time.

Anyway, I recently came back to my metal roots in my latest track and thought this might be a relevant place to post it.

Check it out and hope you enjoy!


PS: Everything is programmed as I currently don't have access to any live instruments (had to sell my electric guitar a while back due to financial hardship) but am working on getting a studio built with some money I have saved so hopefully I can turn some of this programmed stuff into the real thing!

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thats totaly crazy and awesome!!

Joey Roach
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I really like this! Mind if I ask for the multi-tracks? This sounds like it could be a really fun and challenging thing to mix and would love to just do my own mix for the fun of it.

hope to hear some more awesome stuff from you man!