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Definitely new in this forum not so new in general unfortunately but oh, well...

Great site though- most glad to meet you Smile

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Hey guys, I just joined today and I really like what's going on here, awesome site!

Anyway, some shameless self promotion, here's a link to a article here and it would be much appreciated if you guys could check it out

Thanks and hope to contribute loads to the site!

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I've been reaping the benefits of this site for about a month now, and I'd just like to stop in and say hello. I'm interested in everything here, especially the craziness of rhythm that is Djent. Musically, I come from a world apart from metal, being a concert/jazz trumpet player. If I were to create music, I'd like for it to blend my favorite genres (metal) with my favorite instrument, the one I play. I think classical instruments don't get enough attention these days, and I'd love to bring them into hardcore music.

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well... ive been downloading music since forever.. ive been violently torrenting for about 8 years, building up a collection of metal 6k plus size... and now, for the past couple of months, ive been sitting here downloading all the awesome stuff this place has to offer... i'd like to thank the djent community as a whole for personnally blowing my appreciation for music into a completely different dimension.... its been a rough couple a years tho... you guys saved my life... i was addicted to metalcore and deathcore and nintendocore for so long, that all music began to sound the same... thats when i discovered vildhjarta... found re-established my appreciation for meshuggah.. and i found a nice, hypnotizing ambience that somehow, drowns out the monotonous drone of brutality.. a few songs as examples.... "Fade" by "Spiralmountain" .. .. .. "Shiver" by "Vildhjarta" .. .. .. and "I Have Regrets" by "Vinny And The Svobodas"... .. .. .. two of which need alot more recognition, even among the djent community itself... im sure you guys get what im saying..... so hello everybody... let me give you a bunch of bands to check out so i dont feel so guilty about the 8,000 or so songs ive downloaded.. (roughly 1k of which i found here.. at got-djent...)

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Those you found on here are all legal to download though, so that's a step in the right direction Tongue

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This thread is so cool, it's basically a timeline of the entire website. And to think I never popped my head in!

Ya'll can read my name, and I've been around for a while; it is definitely the most emasculating thing a dude can use as a screen name, but it's been around since I didn't know any better. I'm 20, from the San Francisco Bay area (going to the University of California, Santa Cruz). I own an eight-string guitar, "but I can't honestly say I know how to play it yet." I can't say I know all of the terminology very well, but if you want a brutally honest opinion, I'm your man. I was introduced to Djent by Danny Darden (a cohort of our very own Ellen Djenteres in Depths), it was the first djenre that involved guttural vocals that I gave a chance and ended up loving to death.

I like coffee, free music downloads, pursuing my bioengineering major, having bands know who I am before I even meet them in person, and I still grin/roll my eyes when turning the mid nob all the way to the end on my cheap-ass Line 6.

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Greetings from a djentleman from Croatia Wink
been posting here for about 2-3 weeks, great forum, great site!

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JKK_oneofakind wrote:

"Fade" by "Spiralmountain"

If you liked Fade, I highly recommend you check out the rest of Spiralmountain's album, "Blacksand", and his other band, Tremors.

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I bring greetings from part of England that isn't currently on fire. Have only joined this website, found out about djent when I chanced upon a Tesseract song (Lament I think). Before that I listened to Melodeath, Progressive Metal and Classic Rock.

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I'm here since 2 month but I didn't say hello until now,
because I was at first looking through the forums Smile

So, hello and greets from somewhere in germany, where the internet is so slow that I need to load YT Videos before I can watch them...( 10minutes loading for 4minutes watching..)