Recording DI for amp sims (switching to th3, native, etc.)

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Hey guys. I'm about to retire the POD HD500X here after I record a couple more songs. Various attempts at "reamping" got me to make too many mixing decisions I haven't been too happy with. So far I'm looking at TH3 for my new setup since people making comparisons to Line 6's new Helix Native don't look to promising for me (price as well given I'm a broke college student Shock)

When it comes to recording the DI I'm faced with two things I gotta deal with.

1) My current interface is the Scarlett 2i2 Gen. 1, meaning I'm probably going to clip the DI when I switch from my guitars with juggs/titans to my guitars with EMGs. I have a HI Z to LO Z converter that I bought on impulse a while ago, do you think this would help with the clipping? (I think they call this a DI box)

2) How loud should I record the guitar DI for amp sims? Does it matter too much? What should my average peaks be around if so? or am I overthinking this as I tend to do? heh heh.

Thanks in advanced dudes.

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Dude, same here. I just sold my Pod. After a few years of use I just wasn't happy with it ultimately. I went back to lepou plugins, believe it or not. I have Guitar rig 4 free with my copy of Studio one and the tube screamer, comps, and noise suppressor do a better job in my opinion than the equivalents in the pod.

Picked up some Rosen and Sigma 3 cabs for a few bucks and I'm loving the tones! It's so much easier to dial in something I like with this method too.

Here's an example

But on the topic of clipping..yeah it's a problem for me too. A DI would help with that for sure. I don't have one, so I end up turning my volume knob down on my guitar. For high gain tones it honestly doesn't seem to matter toooo much. I just try not to get the clip light on the interface to go off.