Schecter C-7 Blackjack ATX for sale

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body and neck - mahogany (I think)
fretboard - ebony
scale - 26,5"
24 frets
bridge - Tune-O-Matic
tuner - Schecter Locking Tuner
pickups - Seymour Duncan Blackouts
2x volume knobs, 1x tone knob
finish - aged white

price - 500€
location - Germany

Hello folks. I´m selling my Schecter C-7 Blackjack ATX since it´s pretty much just catching dust, now that I have the new Ibanez 7-string. And I want to pimp up two old guitars of mine and could need the extra money for it.

The Schecter is about 6 years old now, but all in all in pretty good shape. It was only used in the studio. It sounds killer, it plays very well despite the thicker neck and just feels like a sledgehammer. Pure metal machine. The Seymour Duncan Blackouts are very powerful, yet nicely balanced which can give you a more modern vibe. But clean tones also sound nice, sparkly and rich. There are no dents or bruises, just a few cosmetic rough spots (see pictures below).

I charge 500€ + shipping (I live in Germany). Can´t get a Schecter of that caliber in that price range Wink
If you´re interested PM me and I´ll give you my e-mail for further communication.


Some cosmetic rough spots. Most of it was already there when I got it.

A scratch in the fretboard at fret 14.

A bend locking srew. I swear I never dropped the guitar.

Flat finish where I put my pinky.

Rough paintjob around the binding.