Lovin' the groove!

hey thanx for the review!

boy are you right about that. this is a couple of guitar player's jam album, sory if everything else seems secondary but it really just is. not that it's bad but, really just finished the arrangement to move onto the next song. album 1 and 2 were written and recorded in 3 months so it was just a burst of fun.

i'm still waiting to write 2 new songs for Nova 2 before i release it, tho i've posted lots of it online already.

ANYway...Nova 3 is already mapped out, just needs to be recorded and i can tell you this...
full line up , (including current), axe-fx, V-drums...YAY! that will be ready in 2012 and will be my finest work.

thanx for listening as always!


Great potential. Slightly different approach to the genre, but it is hard to fully appreciate due to the inferior drum samples. The programming itself is good enough, but the samples need to be replaced and given dynamic structure asap.

Keep it up, but let's balance out the obvious guitar-focused production with some more rhythm section love.