WIP preview of my new project. Need comp/mix feedback please!

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Hey guys, I have been working on a new musical release. It's going to be a 30-35 minute piece in 3 movements with recurring motifs and whatnot. This is a fairly large section, and it's like 90% done. I have some more tenor sax, soprano sax, and flute to add here and there but yeah. This showcases a lot of new sounds I have come up with, and it's probably the most effort I have put into something in quite some time. I'd really appreciate it if you would let me know what you think! Thanks, guys.


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You seem to like the piano a lot.
In your music I can appreciate
the effort to combine several
musical styles but it can still be
appreciated the different elements separately,
so I encourage you to continue
because when you achieve something
unique from your influences,
then it will be very interesting
and you look quite young,
with what I encourage you.

Not for comparison but one
of the jazz musicians I like that play
syncopated djent-like songs is Avishai Cohen.
Great melodic richness and syncopated
rhythms that I love like:
https://youtu.be/5zYSjF30qIY or

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First off: I really like the composition.
Some of the production is definitely underlining it and making it exciting and unique.
Your new drums are also coming along nicely. Big plus for the recurring motifs!

Unlike many others on the forum I'm not really an expert and the things I found are kind of nitpicky, so take it with a grain of salt Wink
Some things I noticed regarding production:

  • Busy section 2:55: it feels like your choice of cymbals is colliding a bit with the cool stuttery synth, but i think it's also quite hard to fit everything in the mix with so much going on, so I don't know if you can make it really any better than it already is.
  • Wind instrument (i guess soprano sax?) starting at 7:58 sounds a bit muffled, maybe because of mic placement or its place in the mix? Since it's playing the melody i think it would be better if it would stand out of the busy mix a bit more but maybe that's just my ears.
However, outstanding work. Excited to hear more!

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Thanks for the feedback guys!

@SerenoBrak I like the piano a lot because I am a piano player Wink None of this is midi actually, it's just direct in from my keyboard. I'm in music school right now, jazz piano is my main squeeze. Sax is my secondary, and I dabble in a bunch of other stuff. I play bass and kind of guitar still from my metal days, but I identify much less with guitar than I did when I was a wee djent lad. Probably because I'm not good lol.

@Gwarnak It's actually distorted soprano sax. I ran it through like a tube screamer and cab sim for a 'coming from a slightly vintage but not THAT shitty speaker' kind of sound. Also so it would blend better with the synth at the end of the section texture wise. So it's kind of intentional I guess, it just starts to sound like garbage if I add more, so the balance I have right now seems to be what has worked best.

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Ah, I see. Interesting. Yeah, like I said, all in all great material. I guess a lot of the nitpicky stuff actually depends on personal taste