How to contribute is a community portal, and we take the 'community' part very literally: we encourage all of our users to submit new content. If you would like to contribute, but you're not sure where to start, then read on.

Sign up first!
To submit new content, you will have to create an account and log in first, if you haven't already. It's easy enough, just go to the registration page and enter your desired username and a valid email address. That's all there is to it! You can change your password and update your profile once you are logged in. Apart from submitting and editing content, signing up will also allow you to post comments, rate content, post on our forums, and more.

Articles are the posts that show up under 'News', and in the headlines section of the front page. Whenever something interesting happens, we try to write an article about it. We might miss things, though! If you've spotted something that you think may be of interest to the djent community, you are welcome to submit an article about it.

It's easy enough: once you are logged in, click the 'Create content > Article' link in the sidebar. You will be presented with a form. Be sure to read the guidelines at the top! If you have a band or project yourself, you are welcome to submit updates about it (new songs, upcoming releases, ...). Think of it as an opportunity to get the word out about your music!

Bands and releases also maintains an extensive database of djent-related bands and releases. If there's a band you think is missing in our database, feel free to add it! You can add a new band by clicking the 'Create content > Band' link in the sidebar, and filling out the form. You can also edit existing band pages, to provide more information or to change the lineup, for example.

The same goes for albums and EPs! To create a new release, click 'Create content > Release' in the sidebar, and fill out the form. Releases are also displayed on the front page in the 'Upcoming releases' and 'Recent releases' sections. If your band or project is working on a new album, feel free to add it!

Reviews also allows you to review the albums you've listened to. To create a review for a release, click the 'Create content > Review' link in the sidebar. Make sure the release in question is already in our database! If it isn't, please add it first (see above). An even easier way to create a review is to go to the page of the release in question and click the 'Write a review' link.

Moderation has a team of moderators that supervises all new submissions and changes to existing content. It works like this: whenever something new is submitted, or a change is made, this is placed into the moderation queue. One of our moderators then reviews the submitted content, modifies it if necessary, and publishes it. This means that your submission will not be published on the site right away! Don't be surprised if your changes aren't visible immediately, this is perfectly normal.

Artists: submit a song!
A recently added feature is the 'Featured music' section on the front page. If you have a band or project and you've just finished a kickass track, you can have it featured on our front page, for maximal exposure. To submit a song, click 'Create content > Featured song' in the sidebar. Be sure to read the guidelines above the submission form!

Once your song has been submitted, it will be in the submission queue, where it can be rated and commented on by all registered users. If your song gets high enough ratings, it will eventually be featured on the front page!

Just one remark: please don't submit songs that aren't your own! This feature is specially for musicians. If you would like to see a song by another band or project featured on our front page, please ask the artist in question to submit their song!

Finally, note that all content should be in accordance with our content policy.