Which bands would you like to see at Euroblast festival X?

On this page, you can cast your vote for the Euroblast festival band competition. 20 bands survived the preselection round and are now battling for a spot on the lineup. You will help us decide who deserves it the most!

To check out the participating bands, scroll down inside this box. You will find band profiles with some links and a song to listen to. You can also click the band names directly below the box to scroll to their respective profiles. The bands are listed in the order they applied for the competition.

To vote, select bands from the choices list further down the page by clicking the green plus icons next to the band names. They will be added to your shortlist on the right. You can reorder your shortlist by dragging the drag icons on the left. Remove bands from your shortlist by clicking the red cross icons on the right.

The first band on your shortlist will receive 5 points, the 2nd will receive 4 points, and so on. The 5th band gets 1 point. This means you can hand out 15 points in total. You can select less than 5 bands if you wish, but no more.

The voting ends on August 25th. Once your vote has been cast, it can not be changed or canceled, so choose carefully! You can only vote once. Also, make sure that you are logged in and that Javascript is enabled in your browser before you cast your vote!

1. Voices From The Fuselage
United Kingdom
2. Cardiac
3. Ferium
4. Obscure Sphinx
5. Hieroglyph
United Kingdom
6. Immoral Values
7. Sight Of Emptiness
Costa Rica
8. Ko2
9. Ophan
10. Damned Spring Fragrantia
11. Hollow My Eyes
12. Hybrid Circle
13. Frontal
14. Endings And Origins
United Kingdom
15. Gaidjinn
16. All Tomorrows
17. Primer
18. Trailer Park Sex
19. Sphere
20. Bharghest
United Kingdom
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