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This is a subject of much debate, as there are a number of different interpretations.

Originally, the word referred to a specific sound; it is in fact an onomatopoeia. Bulb (a.k.a. Misha Mansoor) says it best: "The onomatopoeia of a heavily palm muted distorted guitar chord which is usually played as but not limited to a 4 string double octave powerchord, and as a result sounds much more metallic and sonically present than a 'chug' 'chugga' or 'djun' per se, and which is basically how Periphery would describe its palm muted guitar sound."

More recently, it has also been used to refer to a specific brand of progressive, technical metal that incorporates the use of this sound, as well as a couple of other characteristic traits. There is much discussion about what these traits are precisely, but they definitely include low tuned, open note syncopated riffs.

Finally, it is now also being used to refer to bands that employ the techniques and playing styles in their music. When used in this way, it is typically an adjective, and some people prefer to use the derivation 'djenty' instead.

'Djent' these days has a much broader meaning than it had when the term was conceived, and as such its increasing popularity has been the cause of much animosity. Many dismiss it as a trend or a fad that will wear off in a few years. Some people, including Misha Mansoor himself, prefer to stick to the original definition and disagree with the way the term is being used nowadays. Others think it could use a better name, as 'djent' sounds a bit silly. In an interview with Guitar Messenger, Misha Mansoor cites Meshuggah's song 'Aztec Two-Step' (from their 1994 EP 'None') as the essence of the djent sound.

A big point of discussion is whether or not djent constitutes a new subgenre of metal. This site tries to stay neutral in such matters. Our policy has always been one of open-mindedness. That is why we choose to cover all bands that can be considered djent in some way, whether it be according to the original or the current meaning of the word.

Many believe that Periphery guitarist and songwriter Misha 'Bulb' Mansoor came up with it, but it was actually Fredrik Thordendal of Meshuggah who invented it. Misha's frequent use of the term is probably what popularised it, though.

According to Bulb, the 'd' is silent, so it sounds just like gent (short for gentleman). The reason for this spelling is unknown, although it might have to do with its Swedish origin. Some insist on pronouncing the 'd' separately, in which case it sounds like duh-gent.

Is your band 'djenty'? Then you can submit it to our bands database, for starters. To do this, you have to sign up first. When you are logged in, there will be a 'Create Content > Band' link in the sidebar. Clicking that will present you with a form. Fill out this form and submit it. It will then be placed in the moderation queue. A moderator will verify your submission, and then publish it.

If your band has put out one or more albums, demos or EPs, you can add these to our releases database. The easiest way to do this is to browse the page of your band and click the 'Add release' link. Alternatively, you can find a 'Create content > release' link in the sidebar.

Maybe. Our moderation team often posts news articles about a variety of bands. We have many sources that we monitor frequently. However, sometimes we miss things. If your band wasn't in the database before, you might not be on our radar yet.

If you want to make sure that we publish news about your band, your best bet is to submit it yourself. This is possible by clicking the 'Create content > Article' link in the sidebar. We would actually appreciate it if you kept us up to date! You don't even have to write a full news post, our moderators review and clean up all submissions before publishing them anyway.

If you don't have time to write articles, you can just send us an update instead, and we'll write an article about it for you. Find out more about updates here.

Of course! We strive to make our database as complete as possible. Unfortunately, not all the artists that belong in there browse the website. If you want to add or update a page for a band you like, by all means, go ahead. The same goes for news articles and releases. There is one exception though: you are not allowed to upload their music to the featured music submission queue. This can only be done by the musicians themselves, for copyright reasons.

Yes you can. Just like we accept new content submissions from all of our users, we also accept updates, corrections and amendments to existing content. To modify a page, surf to it first and then click the 'Edit' link in the top bar, just below the page title. You will need to be logged in to be able to do this.

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Chances are you're not logged in. To log in, you will need to create an account first, if you haven't already. If you're positive that you're logged in, but you still can't see the links, contact us and we'll try to fix it.

How long ago did you submit it? If you only just pressed the 'submit' button, it will probably be waiting in the moderation queue. We do not publish submitted content right away! It must first be reviewed by a moderator before it is published.

We are very strict about keeping all the content on our site relevant and interesting. If a submission is of dubious quality and / or relevance, we may decide not to publish it. Unless it is immediately clear that it is fit or not fit for publishing, the moderation team will discuss your submission and take a vote about whether it should be published or not. This process can take a while, so please be patient. Although this is rare, in some cases we may also get in touch with you about it.

Please do not dispute our decision not to publish your content, unless you really believe we made a mistake. We take votes because assessing relevance of band submissions for example ('djent or not djent?') is a very delicate process, and we want our judgement to be as fair as possible. Of course, this is not guaranteed to work, but we're doing our best.

In the case of a band submission, you are required to include cues for the moderation team to direct them to the right (parts of) songs to listen to. We don't have time to listen to everything so if you don't provide this information, we cannot consider your submission.

If you really think we were wrong to refuse your submission, you can contact us about it. You will have to be pretty convincing to make us change our minds, though.

We are always trying to please the majority of our users, because it is of course impossible to please everyone. Sometimes you'll see some content that doesn't fit in with the rest, at least from your point of view. This usually means that most other people disagree. You'll just have to deal with that. Please refer to our content policy for more details.

They're ratings. When you view a news article, there's an icon with a number next to it in the bottom right corner. You can click it to indicate that you like the article. The rating of a news article is the number of clicks it has received.

The homepage shows the five most recent headlines, and three top rated headlines. These are the highest rated news articles posted in the last two weeks. If you like an article, click the icon in the bottom right corner to increase its rating.

Each news article is assigned to one or more of seven categories. They are: music, video, download, interview, live, announcement and exclusive. Each contains a different type of news:

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video is for articles with video material: live footage, playthrough videos, studio updates, video interviews and more. Important: videos containing only a still image don't count!
download is for articles that include a free download. This can be a new track, an album or EP, or even tabs.
interview is for, well, interviews, in any shape or form (video, written, audio, ...). Stuff like track-by-track album overviews and masterclasses are also included in this category.
live is for anything pertaining to live playing and touring - tour date announcements, but also live footage from past shows.
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exclusive is for exclusive content: interviews we conducted, editorials, exclusive features, and more.

On the front page, the recent headlines page and the recent articles page, you can enable category filters by clicking the category names / icons above the article listing. When a filter is enabled, the category name and icon will become red, and only articles from that category will be shown.

You can also enable multiple filters at the same time: in that case, only articles that are in all the filtered categories will be shown. This is useful for finding specific types of news. For example, to find video interviews conducted by, enable the filters for 'exclusive', 'video' and 'interview'. To find tour date announcements, enable the filters for 'live' and 'announcement'.

In an attempt to prevent the releases section of the site from being abused, we decided to implement a new policy toward adding singles to a band's discography. In particular, this is to prevent bands from submitting many of their songs as separate one-song releases in order to gain more attention. If your submission does not comply with the following rules, it will be deleted, so make sure to read the rules first before submitting anything!

  • The release must not be comprised of only one track! It should contain something 'extra' in addition to the main track (single) that you wish to promote. This could be, for example, a remix; b-side; bonus track; or both vocal and instrumental versions of the same song.
  • The single must have an associated or upcoming EP or album.
  • The release must have some form of unique artwork.
  • The single must be original music, i.e not covers or remixes.

Check out our free downloads page! Throughout the site, releases that can be downloaded for free are indicated with a small green icon.

Yes. We only offer a download link when the album is legally available for free. If you think you've found an illegal download link on this website, Please let us know immediately, so we can remove it.

Is the download link a Bandcamp link? If the page says "buy now (name your price)", you can just enter 0 and download the album for free. If the page lists a price, this probably means that the artist ran out of free download credits - Bandcamp only allows a limited number of free downloads per month. In that case, please post a comment so someone can provide an alternative download link.

When logged in, a text box with the caption 'Send us an update' will be shown at the top of the sidebar on the right. This is the update box. It can be used to send us a link and a short description of some newsworthy content for us to write an article about.

After you have submitted an update, it will be in the 'update queue' until one of the site moderators finds some time to look at it. More information about updates can be found on our 'Keep us updated!' page. We encourage all site users and musicians to alert us about newsworthy content that we haven't posted yet!

You can, but in that case you must provide listening cues. You should include a link to a page where some of the band's music is available for streaming, and list a few moments in the available songs where there is djent to be heard. The moderation team will then listen to the parts you indicated to assess whether the band belongs in our database or not. If you don't provide listening cues, your update will not be considered!

The reason for this is to make the process of adding bands to the database more efficient. Unfortunately we do not have time to listen to all publicly available music for each band submission we receive, so we kindly request that you point out the parts we should check out to be convinced.

If another update about the same subject has already been submitted, all the subsequent ones will be marked as 'duplicate'. The same applies when the content in question has already been posted. This is in order to prevent confusion caused by numerous updates about the same topic and simply means that somebody has already sent the same news before you. Don't let this discourage you from submitting more updates though, we appreciate all contributions!

Some updates may require a moderator discussion (for example, when someone submits a band which isn't clearly djent or not djent, so a vote is required). When this happens, the update is marked as "in evaluation" to indicate that it is currently being discussed. Usually you are informed about the outcome of the discussion in the comments section of the update in question after a few days. In rare cases it can take a bit longer. Thanks for your patience!

This indicates that a moderator is processing the update (creating an article or a band page) at the moment. When it's done, the update will be marked as 'posted'.

There may be several reasons for that. First of all, as all our content is peer-reviewed, after the article is written it has to be approved by another moderator before it appears on the front page. Secondly, if another article concerning the same band was published a day or two ago, it is most likely that the new content was added to the already published article which subsequently would be marked as "updated" in its title. Finally, make sure to check older articles under "recent headlines" because sometimes due to a large amount of posted content, the articles may be rapidly pushed from the front page.

If the update turns out to be about something that's not worth posting on the site, it is marked as ignored. Usually an explanation of the reasons for ignoring the update is added in the comments section of the update. If you submit an update about a band for inclusion in our database, and you don't provide listening cues (i.e. moments in some of the band's publicly available songs where 'djent' can clearly be heard), your update will be ignored.

In order to keep our content up to date and interesting for our users, we have introduced a number of restrictions about what can be posted as a news article. The following is a non-exhaustive list of material that is not considered worth posting:

  • Video covers of any kind. By this we mean: a video of an artist playing along to a song by a different artist. Although we do post audio cover songs occasionally (properly recorded, so not just a play-along), make sure that it is original and interesting before submitting one.
  • Content which is more than 1 month old. Please make sure to check the date of the material before submitting an update.
  • Short teasers or other unfinished material. We strongly prefer to post finished versions of the songs or other material, because it is a lot more interesting for our readers. Also consider the sound quality of the material. If it is a MIDI song or the sound quality is really bad, your submission will most likely be ignored.
  • Announcements concerning the release date of a song. We usually prefer not to post announcements for EP or album release dates as well, unless they are accompanied by other news, such as the release's artwork, track-list and possibly some song snippets or teasers.
  • Show announcements, unless the announcement concerns an international or interstate tour (with more than a couple of dates), or a festival with more than a couple of bands playing.

If you are an artist, you can upload one of your own songs by clicking 'Create content > Featured song'. Please read the hints on the submission form carefully. You cannot upload songs that are not your own, as this is a copyright violation. If you would like to see an artist have their song featured on the site, ask them to submit it themselves.

Check out the featured music submission queue, which is accessible through the 'Home > Featured music > Submissions' link in the sidebar. All users can check out the submissions there, and rate them.

Every two weeks, a new song is selected to be featured, based on ratings and the number of votes. This means each song will be featured for roughly 4 weeks, as there are always two songs on the front page. If you want to make sure your song is featured, encourage your fans to check out our submission queue and give your song a high rating.

The submission queue is pruned occasionally. Submissions that did not receive high ratings, and as a result didn't make it to the front page, will be removed.

To save bandwidth and other server resources, all featured music submissions are automatically cached by the Coral Content Distribution Network (CDN). When you play back a song, it is streamed from their servers, instead of directly from ours. Unfortunately, this is not as reliable, which means the music player might malfunction sometimes. This is especially the case when the song has only just been uploaded, as it might not have been cached properly yet.

We apologise for this inconvenience, but unfortunately our server is not capable of streaming music directly.

Yes you can, reviews are user-submitted, just like any other content on this website. To write a review, you can click the 'Create content > Review' link in the sidebar, or you can browse to the page of the release in question, and click the 'Add a review' link.

Please do not plagiarise reviews written by someone else. Also, pay attention to spelling and form. Submissions that are not up to standard will not be published.

We won't. We do not have any professional reviewers on our team. Like all other content, reviews on this site are user-submitted. If you want to see your album reviewed, just find someone who's willing to write it and submit it. You could ask people who have written reviews for this site before, for example. You could also write it yourself, although this is generally frowned upon. was set up in late 2009 by a couple of enthusiasts from the 'djent' group. The idea was to set up a platform for djent aficionados to share their finds more easily, which gradually developed into the community portal it is now. It is currently being managed by four administrators and a team of moderators. You can recognise them by their blue and green coloured usernames respectively. You can reach them through the contact form on this website. You can find out more about the team on our 'About' page.

Maybe. We're always looking for committed moderators to join our ranks, but of course there are certain requirements. Check out our 'Join the team' page to find out what the job entails, and how you can apply.

We prefer to be contacted through the contact form on the site. If you wish to contact us by email instead, please use 'admin at got-djent dot com' to contact the administrator, and 'info at got-djent dot com' to contact the entire team.

Why yes, you can! Check out this page for more information. Please be aware that we do not provide our benefactors with any special privileges. Those who want it can have the colour of their username changed to orange, however.

The banners represent our partners. These websites support us and the djent community, so we choose to return the favour. If you have a website and you wish to become a partner, click here to read more about partnerships .

It's the djingle! It was written and recorded for us by Aurélien 'worC' Pereira of Uneven Structure. It's not available for download. The band have mentioned that they may use the material in a song in the future.

The infamous 'got djent?' T-shirt is actually a design by Periphery. The original version is no longer for sale, but a new version, featuring their new logo, is available from their online merchandise store. We are not affiliated with the band in any way, although we did take inspiration from them to name our website.

You should probably ask us directly, then. You can find the contact form in the sidebar, under 'Community > Contact us'. If the answer is interesting enough, we might add it to this list eventually.