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Are you a musician? Do you think your music qualifies as 'djent'? Then is the ideal platform for you to reach the right people and build your fanbase. If you send us updates about what you are up to, we will write news articles about your music.

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Have you just released a new track with your band or project, or posted a new video? Have you been interviewed, released an album, or perhaps you're signing a record deal? We want to know about it. Let us know by sending us an update. Read on to find out how.

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Help your favourite artists (and us) by sending us updates about what they are doing. They'll appreciate it!

If you send us updates, we'll write news articles about your music.

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Please keep in mind that not everything warrants a news article. Some things are not interesting enough for our readership to be posted separately, but may be combined into a single news post.

We strongly prefer not to post about unfinished material (preproduction tracks, teaser clips, etc.), and we generally do not post audio / video clips that are under a minute in length - unless we are convinced that they will interest a sizeable portion of our readership. We do not post video covers. As a rule, we don't post any content that is older than one month. We reserve the right to determine whether something warrants a separate news article on a case by case basis.

Here's what an update about this page could look like.

Interviews, exclusive premieres, special features, ...

To arrange interviews, exclusive premieres and other special features, please contact us directly using the contact form, or by sending an email to info at got-djent dot com.