Born of Osiris: new song 'M∆chine', live footage


The song is available for free download from the Sumerian Records website and will be featured on the band's upcoming album, slated for release on August 20th, 2013.

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this song is horrible. boring ass structure and repetitive boring breakdowns

This is brilliant.
Awesome track.

It's a bit repetitive, and it sounds like they're trying to recapture The Discovery without actually getting there. The guitars and song structures needed more variety.

Those distorting parts suck. But overall, the song wasn't that bad

Waaaaaay too many keyboards! Not enough technical guitar chugging. No real lead guitar. Crappy production...

Disappointing! Sad

Man, what a lackluster performance from these guys. I thought they'd come out of the gate with this release, and I think there will absolutely be some stellar stuff on the rest of the album, but this was just a bit of a letdown -- especially the mix in all the parts where it's so loud that it distorts, even at low volume. And I'm not the only one experiencing this, because I've had other friends point it out, too. What a bummer. I'm still looking forward to the rest of the album, because these guys are seriously one of my favorite bands, but I can see myself skipping this song pretty frequently.

Sounds pretty good to me. Sounds like it could have the same great potential the previous album has. I'm really looking forward to hearing it!

really disappointed. feels like a step down. where is all the creativity from their last album? it sounds boring repetitive and unfortunately, like a mediocre scene band wannabee asking Alexandria or something.