Means End: 'The Didact' album teaser video


'The Didact' will be released on May 1st.

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Anybody receive their copy yet? I'm hoping my bundle comes today. :fingerscrossed:

Sure I know it :]
Anyway my questions were not answered yet.
I guess that it troubles me more than my matura (Polish equivalent of A-levels) starting the week of Didact premiere Laughing out loud
Shame on me, oh shame on me Tongue ;p

Rave, my friend, I was just playing with you. Big smile I haven't joked with anyone in a while. Big smile

Alright now, this week we should be receiving greatness. It's getting exciting. :explosion:

By "here" I've meant "hear in this dark place called my homeland" Laughing out loud
Sure thing I'm just a bug compared to some of you, guys :]

You hit the nail right there. This is really a great explanation of going independent. Thank you so much!

The biggest Means End fan?


2 quick questions: 1- can you ship this to Poland? 2 - what the cost would be then?
I can name myself the biggest Means End fan here with no hesitation Smile And I'd be proud to lay my hands on the album. What I am afraid of is the price. It's hard to find any 'djent' record in my homeland, though I live in Cracov. Anyway - enough of moaning.
I just thought it wold be cheaper due to the fact It's just a sea what's between our countries, wouldn't it?

I think the instrumental trend needs to stop! Instrumental music is boring! Vocals give it story, meaning, and presence. A good vocalist is also key to a good live show. Whenever I hear an instrumental album, the album feels unfinished to me.

To Means End, I wound up ordering the CD. Do you know when they may ship out? Will they ship out with the goal of arriving on or around the release date? Also, what are the chances you can post one full song for us?

In my opinion, Means End is one of the only bands in this genre that focuses heavily on vocals and is also very successful at doing so. I feel the same way as you about most of the bands out there but I think Means End would be only decent if they were instrumental, but the addition of such phenomenal vocals makes them really stand out. It is clear that their songs are made with the singer in mind and there is a lot of space for the vocals, so instrumental versions would probably sound a tad empty or at least lacking, since there wouldn't be for example a lead guitar melody to be the center of attention.
Keep in mind that the singer's amazing voice can be thought to be an instrument itself and for me it is the reason I hold them in such a high regard.

Alrighty then. Just got back from BigCartel Means End and ordered the bundle. 2XL t-shirt and cd, shipped to the states, just under $49.

I'd rather pay more, to the band. As opposed to the record company. I just hope shipping is as good as a record company. Ghost

Any chance of a remixed version of 'Didact'? I would love to hear some Chris Barretto sax, with all of Means End music. Nonetheless, champion on and continued success.

There might be a discrepancy of a day or two in shipping so we're going to give everyone that preorders the album FLAC, MP3s, lyrics, artwork and more so they can start listening immediately on May 1st. Maybe that's a good solution for you. Smile

First of all, that's what I call a teaser!! Next, Robert I found your "diatribe" to be enlightening, entertaining, fascinating, and so brutally honest that I have gained an entirely new level of respect for you and Means End in general. I'm blown away. I commend you for going out on a limb and branching out in your own direction, away from the standard. From what you describe, which I will trust is accurate for now, record labels don't deserve to own the creative work of talented musicians like ourselves, or to perpetually cash in on it either. I would order a hard copy of the disc from you right now if my iTunes wasn't broken!! Somewhere along the way, while updating perhaps, iTunes lost the drivers needed to burn and import discs on my laptop. Anybody know how to fix that by the way?? Anyway, Means End I've been patiently waiting for May 1st to come and I knew you guys would deliver something spectacular. I'm ready!!! Hey Robert, if you help me fix my iTunes, allowing me to import discs again, then I will buy a hard copy instead of digital!! Send me a message!
* If I owned a nice stereo with a CD player like I should then I wouldn't be so concerned about freakin' iTunes but unfortunately that's the only way I can listen to music right now.

Finally, you guys are releasing a record!!! I do admit that $30 for a record is a bit pricey, but I paid $50 for Sybreed's Antares and Slave Design when they didn't have an American distributor. Anyway, Hope you guys can ship to PO Boxes. Also, educate your fellow musicians about how you went through your self sufficient processes of developing music, so we can rid the world of record labels.

Please please please please please release an instrumental version. It breaks my heart that so many djent bands insist on throwing vocals like this in to the mix. No disrespect to the singer, I'm sure he's a great vocalist, but this style is such a huge turn off for me in djent music and it ruins so many amazing instrumentals for me.

brilliant just brilliant.

Hi HB_Dad,
I just want to expand a bit on Rasmus's post,
and the state of the recording industry in general with regards to up-and-coming bands.

The shipping cost for our CD is 10$ because we are sending all the items from Sweden, and yes logistics is a useful a service that is usually handled by one's record label. Still, we chose not to be signed for several reasons. Before I digress though, let me assure you that the Digipak, which can't be printed at CD-Baby and the like because 24-page behemoth booklets are apparently unheard of, is definitely a cool item to own and worth the money (if you ask me). Alternatively, the album will be available digitally in many formats and through many channels.

Regarding record labels.
I'd say you can divide their services rendered into three categories. One of these is the rocket science of sending out packages with CDs inside. If we bore down into that service, in practice, what they're doing is calling a supplier they work with and sending the DDP image over. It's likely they have a warehousing deal with the printing factory or a local distributor, and can evidently offer local shipping fees. So really, they're not doing anything in terms of distribution beyond taking the risk of CDs not selling. I'll get back to that risk aspect shortly.

In addition to distribution, they handle administrative duties like generating ISRC codes, EAN codes, collecting performance royalties, handling finances, and more. Most of which are entirely automated through online self-service portals.

In my opinion though, the most important service a record label could potentially offer is an ability to market the band to a very broad audience through multiple channels in innovative ways. I don't think it has escaped anyone that digital marketing is overtaking traditional channels like magazines, television, and radio. When you think of the record labels you know, do any of them strike you as being experts at viral marketing, social media, alternative platforms like videogames, or other types of clever digital marketing campaigns? No, the typical form of marketing wisdom offered is, "The best way to spread your music is to fly to Krasnoyarsk Russia and start touring." I'll admit that being signed to a major label brings a modicum of authority when looking to be included in a favorite festival or that type of thing. But the disadvantages offset most of that.

For these services the real heavy labels, and by heavy I mean a few dozen employees sending invoices around to each other, typically charge an up-and-coming band between 90% and 98% of their income according to public studies and my personal experience. They also require you to hand over copyright to all your material, and in addition the two following albums. Our own album has cost a bit over 6300 USD to record, including strings, gear, mastering, artwork, and more. If we were to earn 20 cents per album sold, like most bands do, we would have to sell 31500 CDs to go break-even. I'd wager no more than two bands on this site have sold that many of any album. The way we're doing now, we only have to sell 600 CDs.

It would be one thing if these labels were comprised of sharp businessmen that know how to use spellcheckers and want to discuss the risk to reward ratio of new ventures, but they're not. There are two risks involved in a potential "investment" in a new up-and-coming band. I put investment in quotes because labels seldom make large up-front payments, and when they do it's only a loan. The labels either risk spending money on a band that turns out to be unpopular, or they risk diluting their brand with a lame portfolio of bands. To offset this risk they try to determine if the band will be popular beforehand by checking, among other things, how many Facebook likes a band has or how many views their YouTube video has. Ironically, both being childishly easy to forge. Let's assume then, that a band has managed to market themselves independently, and build up a large organic fan base that they interact with on a regular basis. If they're enterprising enough to handle distribution and administration, then what exactly is the label offering in return for 98% of the band's income?

Any label representative care to respond to my diatribe?

Yes, the price for only the physical for U.S buyers should something like 21$ for the record and 9$ shipping. You should not live so far away from Sweden! Wink If you think the price is too steep you can always order a digital copy instead, but then you miss out on the 24 page booklet etc. Smile

Just tell me where I have to throw my money.

I want this bad but the CD in US doars appears to be just under $30 USD which is way too expensive!

I happened to be watching one of Robert's vocalist series videos a while back when he mentioned the book Godel, Escher, Bach - An Eternal Golden Braid by Douglas Hofstadter. Well I picked this book up, and as an engineer and computer science enthusiast it is infinitely fascinating! Now I see in this video that Douglas personally responded to Robert saying he enjoyed his lyrics -- that's crazy!

This album sounds so clear and diverse, I couldn't be more excited Laughing out loud !

I'm so pumped for this release!!