Modern Day Babylon: new EP 'The Ocean Atlas' released

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Water Drops is good enough of a song to warrant this as a great release even though this track outshines the rest. I have it on repeat for the car. Every part of the song is creative, catchy and melodically layered to perfection. I hope they go this route in the future. Although the mix seems to be bass heavy or "thick," I can still appreciate it because it actually sounds like a band is playing together mostly due to a realistic drum performance and tone.

Totally agree. The first two tracks sound the best overall though. That remix at the end is ALL kinds of off. It's like Matt Holland produced it himself separately.

Yeah, I don't know, I suppose if you want to be super critical. To me it's still a cut above all the other cookie cutter stuff out there. I really continue to admire this projects creative talent, only downside being it's too short and the last electronic track is just skipping filler.

Unless... correct me if I'm wrong?

Errr.... Honestly, I am disappointed in this release. The mix just isn't as good as in their previous album. Way too bass heavy, to the point where it begins affecting the rest of the mix.