Periphery: new song 'The Price Is Wrong'


Taken from the band's upcoming album 'Periphery III: Select Difficulty', slated for release on July 22, 2016.

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I'm digging where this album is going actually. Loving the production, surprisingly. It may not be "old school" Periphery, but it's not nearly as poppy and catchy as CLEAR and Juggernaut were. Those albums didn't feel like they had the sort of energy or passion that a prog metal band should have. They were starting to feel like the Korn or Limp Bizkit of djent.

Honestly, I'd prefer a good old BULB album again, but I know it's just wishful thinking Tongue

RESPECT. (Fist bump)

But I will say, they may sound cookie cutter now but they kind of invented this particular "cookie cutter". So to me, they still sound like themselves but the djent scene has been flooded with so many copycat bands/bands that find inspiration in Periphery that it sort of dilutes the originality. Broad strokes, I do think they've evolved but I don't think they've changed all that much.

Opinions may very, but in no way do I think it's cool not to like a band because of the success they may have received. For example, Tesseract... love them now more then ever. Polaris was an amazing album. I just think Periphery has lost an edge. Most of their stuff seems somewhat cookie cutter now. The creativity of the first album is lost. Now, there may be some bias, because I'm not a huge fan of where Spencer's vocals have gone, but the first album was spot on for me. Again, just my opinion. So like everyone else's, mostly worthless.

I've liked everything they've done so far. As a whole, Juggernaut was not my favorite but pieces of it were absolutely riveting to me. I'm excited to see them get back to their basic workflow for an album. I think this song is killer though I am more excited to hear what else is on the album, especially after hearing some of the tidbits in their teaser videos from a few months back.

To each his own, but it seems more and more popular for people to "hate" their new stuff. This usually happens with any band but I don't really see why there's so much distaste for their new material, this in particular.

Interesting that the others users don't like it, i have not liked their last albums and am digging this!

Ultimately, I'm not feeling it. However, I'm not going to judge the album as a whole based solely on this. I'm hopeful the rest of the songs will be better.

No sir, I don't like it one bit....

Not convinced at all by this new piece...