TesseracT: new album 'Altered State' available for streaming


'Altered State' is out on May 27th via Century Media Records.

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From what I Read Online, Its an Official Distributor, and Ive been using it for years. Check it out.

That sounds extremely fishy, I wonder if that's an officially sanctioned outlet Tongue

MediaClub Has had the Download Available since 5-17-13. and its Only $1.50 for All Tracks. Killer Deal , Considering ITunes charges $1.99 Per Song Now. Very Badass Indeed.

Ahhhh. This album is just.. The riffs, the bass, the drums, the vox and how it's all put together is amazing! It's one of those albums that you continue to listen to even when it isn't on. And I just love Eclipse.



fuckin' awesome!

Jazz 적인 어프로치 Good

A masterpiece, fuckin' awesome!

They said they might be come to the USA this coming summer according to the phone interview with Metal Injection.

So, much, fucking, YES. I cry every goddamn time when I listen to Exile. Ashe's voice is just too wonderful for this world.

I'm speechless. Seems you guys found a home with the tone and Ohara. Amazing work. Come to Texas...

Fuckin Awesome !! I Listen to it from Beginning to End, And I Think This will be the Best Concept Album Since Queensryche "Operation Mindcrime"

Ok, I guess it's time for another round table review.

WHAT???!! I don't want to spoil the arrival of my hard copy though! How frustratingly tempting!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3