The Contortionist: new song 'Primordial Sound'


Taken from the band's upcoming album 'Language', due for release on September 16th via Good Fight Music.

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The band hasn't "alienated" me because they aren't "djent" enough, and this isn't about how scarily fast they're evolving (lol), the first single sounds great and gave me some high hopes. This latest song just sounds disjointed and more like a bunch of pieces put together that doesn't necessarily go anywhere, whereas the first single is very cohesive and has a great flow and sounds with purpose. This latest single seems to be just going through the prog-motions and doesn't really bring anything we haven't already heard to the table, including the ending which is just some dissonant keyboard sounds. I never really considered The Contortionist a "djent" band anyways, always thought of them as progressive metal.

This song just really doesn't do anything for me, prog, djent, or none of the above.

It's their art, they can do with it as they please, it doesn't mean we have to like every single bit of it because "not djent"

I don't think this song is particularly moving. That's my main issue. What attracted me to The Contortionist were the massive flourishes, delicate moments in between, and the constant rise and fall, wax and wane, of the ambiance. I think this a more mellow piece, lacking this contrast in energy, favoring a more stable sound. It is still incredibly detailed and technical. I can acknowledge that. However, when I hear this, I don't get chills or goosebumps like I did listening to "Geocentric Confusion" or "Exoplanet III."

It's scary how rapidly these guys are evolving. It's a shame this evolution has alienated some people, and this alienation started with Intrinsic. But I guess it's to be expected, they're musical premise is very different from the one they had when they started, but you can still see the relation. Statistically speaking, it's not surprising that they're new material would not have a particularly warm reception here. People who frequent this site listen to all kinds of music, but in the end they're here for that one family of sounds djent has become, and for better or worse, The Contortionist has become increasingly astray in regards to it, I don't think you could call them djent anymore.

Not enjoying this. Don't get me wrong, I love me some ambient music, but this just doesn't feel right.

Did Contortionist lose a guitarist or something? This song and Language barely have any guitar work, compared to their last 2 albums anyway.

Not feeling this one