Uneven Structure: 'Frost/Hail' music video


The video was premiered through Metal Injection.

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A word to Periphery: this is how you make a REAL music video. This video is right up there with my all time favorite 'Parabola' by Tool. Amazing artistic value and quality considering this seems to be done on zero budget. It really tells a story of it's own and I hope Uneven Structure decides to continue the story through more songs in the future.

Gotta love the opening word of the second song... HAAAIIILLL!!!!

A M A Z I N G ! ! ! Now need new music.

Now there is a reason for a third disc, for the next record. Big smile

Simply the greatest video, I have ever seen.

Wow. That video blew me away. Simply incredible and epic.

I'd agree with this if the video sucked, but hell no, the video is very well done!

well made video!

Very true. Tool made you wait, and it was always worth it!!

Excellence requires lots of time Laughing out loud I don't know how many Tool fans hang out around here but think of how many years you had to wait between those masterpieces. I'd rather wait for a splendid release than be placated with diluted haste. I still haven't grown tired of Februus either............

Whats that old saying......oh yeah, "Haters gonna hate!"

There was a time when bands weren't expected to release a new album every year...

How about spending less time making music videos for a two-year-old album and instead put out a new album guys?