Partnerships seeks to engage in partnerships with other websites and organisations, in order to promote the website and the music scene it supports. These partnerships are not commercial in nature - their chief goal is mutual promotion, in order to bring the community closer together.

All sites and organisations that vocally support djent and actively contribute to popularising it, are eligible to become partners of Note that bands are excluded from these partnerships, because we want to avoid favouritism.

Becoming a partner

All inquiries about partnerships should be sent through the contact form on this website. Please select the 'Partnerships' category.

All partners should provide with a 200x50 banner. Three of these banners, randomly selected from all of our partners, will be displayed in the sidebar on each page view. In addition, arrangements can be made to ensure regular coverage. In return, we expect similar gestures from our partners. reserves the right to unilaterally terminate a partnership agreement if it is no longer deemed beneficial. Note that partnership agreements are not legally binding, and are entirely dependent on the goodwill of both parties.