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Twelve Foot Ninja: amp modelling discussion


Gear Gods have posted an interview with Stevic MacKay from Twelve Foot Ninja. In it he talks about his preferences in amp modelling. Additionally the interview features a video with guitarists from Uneven Structure, Vildhjarta, Chimp Spanner, Monuments, Vola and The Algorithm talking about Line 6 amps. Watch it below.

Observers: new EP 'Kadath' released

Nemertines: new album 'Ikona. Revolucia.' released


Auras: 'Crestfallen' EP teaser

John Browne: new track 'The Last Goodbye'

Novelists: guitar playthrough video for 'Gravity'


Widek: new album 'Journey To The Stars' streaming


The album is available for streaming and purchase from Bandcamp and features guest appearances by Plini, Gru, Chris Letchford of Scale The Summit, Sithu Aye, Owane, Ricky Davenport and Per Nilsson of Scar Symmetry.

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