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El Scar: demo track from 'The Human Instrumentality Project' available


Marc Le Cras, AKA El Scar, has uploaded a rough demo track from his upcoming debut album, The Human Instrumentality Project, titled 'The Beginning And The End'. It is available on his Myspace page. As we wrote earlier, the album is currently in the works and should be released in May. It will be available to download for free.

Listen to 'The Beginning And The End' on Myspace.
Read the announcement on Myspace.

Elitist: sampler for upcoming EP available


Elitist have uploaded a sampler for their as of yet untitled debut EP to their Myspace page. The band's Twitter page indicates that the recording was already finished last month. Two other songs are available on their Purevolume page. It is unclear whether they will also be featured on the EP.

Listen to the sampler on Myspace.

The Arusha Accord release music video for 'Dead to Me'


The Arusha Accord have released a promotional video for their song Dead to Me from their debut album The Echo Verses.

The band is about to embark on a UK tour this month as previously reported on this site. More details about dates and venues can be found here.

The Safety Fire recording debut album


The Safety Fire report that they are currently working on their debut full length album. They write: "For the last few months we have been locked away in our studio space in South East London, literally at times eating and sleeping there! How exactly this is reflected in the album I guess you will have to wait and see! A lot of new tracks have now been tracked and its definitely time to start the recording process!"

The band write that they will be posting a series of studio updates on their YouTube channel over the next few months. The first one was already uploaded a couple of months ago.

Read the announcement on Myspace.

George Hayduk: new song 'Signals of Hope' available


George Hayduk has uploaded a new song to his Myspace page, titled 'Signals of Hope'. As we reported earlier, he is currently working on a 37 track CD that will be available for free download soon. At the time of writing, the song doesn't seem to be available on his SoundClick page yet.

Listen to 'Signals of Hope' on Myspace.

Tre Watson of Carthage records solo material, new song available


Tre Watson of Carthage has decided to take a break from the band (outside of playing shows) to record some material for a solo EP. He describes the sound as "djenty Sci-fi with a ridiculous amount of influences".

He plans to spend the next year on writing and recording a solo EP with this sound. He has already made some progress, recording one track named "That which is Past predicts future", which is based around UFOs and the fibonacci sequence. Download it here.

Cloudkicker: interview with The Number Of The Blog available


The Number Of The Blog has published an interview with Ben Sharp, AKA Cloudkicker, in which he discusses his influences, his gear, his method of distribution and the origin of the name 'Cloudkicker'. All of his material can be downloaded free of charge at

Read the interview on to conduct interview with Eryn Non Dae.


After the Uneven Structure interview, is soon conducting a brand new interview with Eryn Non Dae..

The band released their debut album Hydra Lernaia in June 2009 and received remarkable recognition as well as a great deal of positive reviews.
It is a good chance to ask them anything you would like to know regarding their music or whatever would be of interest to you.

If you wish to participate, you can submit the questions you would like to ask in this forum topic.

TesseracT: 'One' tracklisting available


Acle Kahney of TesseracT has posted a photo of a CD sleeve on which is printed what is presumably the tracklisting for their upcoming debut album, 'One'. Click "Read more" to view the image, or view it on his Facebook profile. The tracklisting is as follows:

01. Lament 04:53
02. Nascent 04:09
03. Concealing Fate - Part 1 08:38
04. Concealing Fate - Part 2 05:17
05. Concealing Fate - Part 3 04:50
06. Concealing Fate - Part 4 02:38
07. Concealing Fate - Part 5 01:29
08. Concealing Fate - Part 6 04:44
09. Sunrise 03:57
10. April 04:48
11. Eden 09:08

Excessum: debut album update


Excessum are currently working on their debut album and have posted an update about this on our forum. They are currently writing music, with 5 songs completed and about 6 others in the works. A release date for the album hasn't been set yet. The band hope to start recording after embarking on a tour. No other information about this is available at the moment, save for a few gigs in and around Bicester, UK that are listed on their Myspace page. They have also indicated that they might be releasing some teasers and demos of the album in the future.

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