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Cyclamen: second session with Travis Orbin, videos available


Cyclamen have posted an update on their Myspace page, in which they indicate that they are preparing for their first gig with TesseracT in March. The band are currently putting the finishing touches on their split EP with Haunted Shores. They are working on the artwork, and one more track.

There has also been a second session with Sky Eats Airplane and ex-Periphery drummer Travis Orbin, of which several videos are available on YouTube. Watch them below. More information and drum set transcriptions for each song are available in the video descriptions.

Read the update on Myspace.

TesseracT complete mixing of 'One', announce European dates


TesseracT have indicated on their Facebook page that they have completed the mixing of their forthcoming debut album 'One'. They have also posted some European tourdates on their Myspace page. They are as follows:

April 30th, TBC, Leipzig, Germany
May 1st, Asymmetry Festival, Wroclaw, Poland
May 3rd, Jagger, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
May 4th, Plan B, Moscow, Russia
May 8th, Hasle-Rüegsau, Bern, Switzerland

This last show is at Break The Silence Festival, where they will be playing alongside The Ocean and Cynic, as we reported earlier. The band have also indicated that they hope to be playing at Euroblast Festival, which will take place in Cologne, Germany on October 23rd. is working closely with the organisers of this festival.

Xerath cover Rush's "YYZ", video available


Xerath have posted a cover of Rush's song "YYZ" on their YouTube channel. Watch it below. The video also features some captioned imagery to go with the music, and some fairly blatant subliminal advertising.

Short interview with Graham "Pin" Pinney available


A forum user at has published a short interview with Graham "Pin" Pinney (Aliases, Within The Void, ex-SikTh), as part of a university course assignment. In it, he discusses his influences, the creative process, his various projects (past and present), and more.

Read the interview on

Benea Reach in India: live footage available


Some live footage of Benea Reach playing their song 'Awakening' at the Great Indian Rock Festival in Pune, India on October 23rd last year has appeared on YouTube. Watch it below. Sound quality is unfortunately a bit lacking. The band toured India for the first time in October last year.

A-SynC: new concept track 'Clouds' available


As promised, Steeves Austin from A-SynC has published a 3 part instrumental concept suite titled 'Clouds'. It is available as one 11 minute song on SoundClick. The parts are available separately on Myspace. The song took 10 hours to record.

It is divided into parts as follows:
Part 0: Covering Sky = 00:00 - 1:22
Part 1: Slow Motion = 1:22 - 5:56
Part 2: Sunshine Through = 5:56 - 11:23

Steeves has also indicated that A-SynC now has enough material for an EP, for which vocals will be recorded soon.

Listen to 'Clouds' on SoundClick.
Listen to 'Clouds' on Myspace.

M.A.N.: new song 'Logocide' available


M.A.N. have uploaded a new song 'Logocide', off their forthcoming album Massive Audio Nerve, to their Myspace page. The album is due to be released on March 26th by Tiefdruck Musik. The band features former Mnemic frontman Tony Jelencovich. Guitarist Rob Guz is known for playing unusual instruments, including an 11-string guitar. A video for the song is being filmed this weekend at Redbergs Theatre in Gothenburg with director Gabriel Engberg.

Listen to 'Logocide' on Myspace.

Uneven Structure: album preproduction underway


Uneven Structure report that they are currently working on the preproduction for their debut full-length album Februus, which will be released later this year. They have completed the rhythm part, and will be working on ambiences next.

The band have posted a screenshot of what is presumed to be a preliminary 'track listing' of the album on their their Facebook fanpage. It can be viewed below. More pictures of the preproduction sessions are available there as well. They have indicated that they will be posting audio snippets from the sessions, and possibly a video update, in the near future. recently conducted an exclusive video interview with Uneven Structure. Click here to watch it. A transcript is also available.

Meshuggah: interview with Mårten Hagström available

5 has published an interview with Meshuggah guitarist Mårten Hagström. In it, he discusses their next album, the writing process, their recently released DVD 'Alive' and touring.

Read the interview on

Friend For A Foe: instrumental teaser 'Niacin' available


Friend For A Foe have uploaded a new instrumental teaser for their song 'Niacin' to their Myspace page. It is also available on SoundClick. It features the new guitarist and drummer who recently joined the band, and whose names are yet to be announced. Although the teaser is instrumental, vocals for the song have been recorded. The band have indicated that they welcome all feedback.

Listen to the teaser on SoundClick.
Listen to the teaser on Myspace.

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