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Born of Osiris: official video for 'Now Arise' available


The official video for Born of Osiris's song "Now Arise", off their sophomore album A Higher Place, is now available on YouTube. Watch it below. The video was directed by David Brodsky and premiered on MTV's Headbangers Ball on February 8th, 2010. The band will be participating in the "Spring Breakdown" tour in North America, supporting Bleeding Through, throughout March, April and May.

Short interview with Mårten Hagström of Meshuggah available


The Limewire Music Blog has posted an 'artist profile' for Meshuggah, including a short interview with guitarist Mårten Hagström, about their recently released live DVD 'Alive'. The DVD was released on February 5th and contains footage from several performances in Tokyo, Montreal, Toronto and New York.

Read the interview at the Limewire Music Blog.

Mimic recruit drummer, complete lineup


Mimic report that their friend Zach Teller has joined the band as the drummer. They write: "Well its about time we've got a full functioning band together... our friend Zach from Central New York has been in constant contact with us for about a month and a half expressing his interest in the position and very adamantly displaying his dedication and determination to be a part of this project." A video of him playing Mimic's song Enkon is available, watch it below.

Read the announcement on Myspace.

Friend For A Foe: lineup rumours, upcoming EP and album


In the wake of recent line-up changes from multiple bands, discussions on several online forums and blog posts have hinted at the possibility of Chris Barretto taking on dual-vocal duty for Haunted Shores as well as Washington DC-based Friend For A Foe. As we reported, Chris Barretto recently left Periphery and was announced to have joined Haunted Shores 2 weeks later.

Friend For A Foe was, until recently, a one man project by Chris Purvis. A recent announcement on Myspace indicates that this is about to change; Chris started a US-based nationwide search for members, to turn the project into a full-fledged band.

Some people have noticed a strong correlation and "buddy buddy" demeanor between FFaF, Haunted Shores, and Chris Barretto via MySpace and Facebook in recent weeks. When queried, Chris Purvis did confirm that the line-up was finalized and neither confirmed or denied Chris Barretto's involvement, but did urge listeners to stay tuned for an upcoming announcement.

The FFaF lineup consists of two vocalists, two guitarists, and a drummer. The bass player situation is still unclear; Chris stated, "one of the vocalists will be handling both vocal and bass duties until we hold auditions for a more permanent member. I'm very happy to announce the members soon as these are some of the best musicians/vocalists I've ever had the privilege of working with. I'm sure the new FFaF won't disappoint you guys... the new material we're writing is so much more intricate and heavier than what's already available."

A free three-track EP is also in the works. It will likely be released and available for free download once the lineup announcement is made. Chris also stated, "A full-length CD is in the works, to be released by late spring / early summer with some new material as well as new versions of older songs ... this means all the songs with vocals on Myspace/Soundclick will be rerererecorded and the lyrics/vocals will also be rewritten and recorded. Recording is very much underway so be sure to stick around for the free EP as well as an album sampler very soon!"

Euroblast festival to feature djent lineup, looking for bands


Euroblast festival is an indoor metal festival that takes place in Cologne, Germany. Past lineups have included bands like Textures, Hacride, TesseracT, Vildhjarta, Obscura and In-Quest. The next edition will take place on October 23rd, 2010.

The organisers are currently assembling the lineup, and have decided that the theme of this edition will be 'djent'. is proud to announce that we will be working closely with Euroblast to make this edition the best one yet!

At the moment, they are looking for bands that are willing to play. If you are in a band and you are interested, shoot an email to (replace # with @) with got djent? and your band's name in the subject. Be sure to include a link to some of your material (Myspace, SoundClick, ...).

A couple of bands that are popular in this community have already indicated that they will be playing. Once this information becomes official, you will find out here first.

More information about the festival is available on its Myspace page.

Liquorworks: new song 'Chemist' available


Kosti Aho of Liquorworks has uploaded the final version of his song 'Chemist' to his Myspace page. It is also available for streaming (better quality) and download on his SoundClick page. A playthrough video of an intermediate version of the song was posted earlier.

Listen to 'Chemist' on SoundClick.
Listen to 'Chemist' on Myspace.

A-SynC to release 3 new tracks, teaser available


A-SynC will be releasing 3 new tracks at the end of this week. The tracks form a concept suite titled 'Clouds', which consists of:
- Clouds Part 0 : Covering Sky
- Clouds Part 1 : Slow Motion
- Clouds Part 2 : Sunshine Through

A teaser for 'Clouds Part 1' is available on SoundClick.

Aliases: riff sampler available


Aliases have uploaded a riff sampler to their Myspace page. Aliases is a new band featuring Graham "Pin" Pinney, who used to play guitar for SikTh. The band are currently writing material and are still searching a vocalist. The material is unmixed and was recorded using Reaper, Guitar Rig 3, Superior Drummer and Ampeg SVX.

Listen to the sampler on Myspace.

Mimic: new song 'Antitrust' available


Mimic have uploaded a new track, titled 'Antitrust', to their Myspace page. They have also posted a blog entry to explain its purpose. The song is intended to be the band's first single. Originally, this was going to be the song 'Burn' (which is also available on Myspace). They write: "As many of you know, we're corresponding with Ahrue Luster of Ill Nino, who is sponsoring us to get a record deal. We initially thought that "Burn" had potential to be our first single, but Ahrue didn't think we hit the target with that song."

The band also indicate that they will not be uploading any other new material until their debut album is finished. Another video blog is coming soon.

Read the announcement on Myspace.

A-SynC: video of "Data Stream" guitar solo available


Steeves Austin from A-SynC has uploaded a video in which he plays the guitar solo from his song "Data Stream". Watch it below. You can check out the full song on his Myspace page.

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