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First video of Periphery performing with Spencer Sotelo


A fan-recorded video of Periphery performing Light in Nashville, Tennessee has been uploaded onto YouTube. It is the first video to feature the band's new vocalist Spencer Sotelo, although it is difficult to hear his vocals because of the quality of the recording and other fans singing along with him.

Permillisecond miss Periphery show, new song teaser available


Permillisecond were supposed to support Veil of Maya, Periphery, Circle of Contempt and Animals As Leaders last Friday at The Warehouse in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Unfortunately, they failed to make it because of heavy snowfall. A lot of other concertgoers canceled their pre-ordered tickets because they were caught in a snow storm. The band's drummer has documented his attempts to get to the show and compiled them into a 6 minute YouTube video. Watch it below. The video features a teaser of a new song near the end.

Vortice sign with Kaiowas Records, announce new album details


Vortice have announced that their sophomore album 'Zombie' will be available on March 8th. This will be their debut on Kaiowas Records, with whom they have just signed. The album was produced by Gorkja Dresbaj and mastered by George Marino (Metallica, Sepultura, Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne) at Sterling Sound, like its predecessor, Human Engine.

The tracklisting for the album is as follows:
1. Filed Process
2. Zombie
3. Killer Condition
4. Blood Suckers
5. The Shame
6. Dawn of the Dead
7. Redrum
8. The Uncertain Age

The band will be presenting the album on a few dates in their home country, Spain, which are as follows:
April 16th: Apollo Hall, Barcelona
May 8th: Siroco Hall, Madrid
July 15th: Becool, Barcelona, with The Ocean and Moksha
July 16th: Bilbao, with The Ocean and Moksha
July 17th: Mareira Fest, Pontevedra, with The Ocean and Moksha

Read the announcement on Myspace (in Spanish). publishes interview with Eryn Non Dae.


Metal blog No Clean Singing has published an interview with Eryn Non Dae. bassist Mika André. In it, he discusses the writing process, their recently released album Hydra Lernaia, the French metal scene, their influences and their plans for the future. He also indicates that they have already written five songs for their next release, which will be a full-length album. The blog also published a review of Hydra Lernaia yesterday.

Read the interview at

Video interview with Tosin Abasi of Animals as Leaders available

6 has conducted a 15 minute video interview with guitar player Tosin Abasi of Animals As Leaders. In it, he discusses his influences, his playing style and his usage of extended range instruments. The interview is available on YouTube, watch it below.

After The Burial: live footage of new song 'My Frailty' available


Some live footage of After The Burial debuting a new song titled 'My Frailty' has been uploaded to YouTube. Watch it below. It was recorded at the London Music Hall in London, Canada on January 24th, where the band played a show with Emmure, Terror, Thick as Blood and Miss May I.

After The Burial are currently writing and recording a new album. A preproduction video was posted earlier.

Mnemic: audio interview available


Mnemic's vocalist Guillaume Bideau was recently interviewed by the Infernal Masquerade webzine.

In the interview, he talks about the band's latest release Sons of the System and delves into a lot of other topics like touring, what his goals and perspectives were when he joined the band, and whether most of the band members speaking a different language posed any problems.

You can download the whole interview in WAV format here. Sound quality is unfortunately lacking.

AndyVanHaucken: new song available


Andy Hauck, AKA AndyVanHaucken, has uploaded a new song titled 'Omnomicon' to his Myspace and SoundClick pages. It is the first song he's recorded with his new Axe FX. Some other songs and clips are also available.

Listen to 'Omnomicon' on SoundClick.
Listen to 'Omnomicon' on Myspace.

UPDATE: a play-through video of the song is now available on YouTube. Watch it below.

Dedicted: album details revealed, recording update video available


Dedicted have posted an update about the recording of their second full-length album, titled 'Ecdysis'. The drums were recorded at Farmhouse studio, and Valle Adzic (Impious, 'Deadline Studio') has taken care of the mixing and mastering. Artwork and audio samples are coming soon. The band have also posted a video about the recording of the guitars and bass to Myspace, in which a few short clips from the upcoming album can be heard. Watch it here.

The track listing for the album is as follows:
1. The Future of Everything Fused into Nothingness
2. Pilgrimage of Humble Men
3. Aeons
4. Building Ruins
5. Fall of the Argonauts
6. Les Fils du Calvaire
7. Into the Mouth of Time

Read the announcement on Myspace.

Textures: new podcast episode available


Textures have posted the 8th episode of their podcast to their YouTube channel, about their touring experiences in India. Textures co-headlined the Deccan Rock Festival at the Palace Ground in Bangalore, India on the 5th December 2009, with Amon Amarth. Watch it below.

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