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For the moment, we will not be doing much with it. It will mainly be used to get our name out, and as an additional source for news articles.
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Periphery: video interview and live footage available


Metal Injection conducted a video interview with Periphery after their show with Lamb of God in Washington DC on November 11th. In it, the band discuss the origin of the term "djent", how Matt hit himself in the head with a drumstick and how their debut album is coming along. They also ask the viewers whether they prefer children or aliens - you can leave your answer in the comments to the video.

Watch it here!

Fuge upload "Andromeda" with vocals


Fuge have uploaded a new version of the song "Andromeda" with vocals to their Myspace and Soundclick pages. The band recently announced that they are working on their debut album, to be released in early 2010. The Myspace page has been revamped in anticipation of this. They have also relocated from Hungary to Maryland, US.

Listen to "Andromeda" on Myspace or on Soundclick.

Xerath: live footage available from London show


Xerath have uploaded two videos of their performance at the Camden Underworld in London on November 25th, with fairly good sound quality. The gig was part of their UK tour with Abigail Williams, Viatrophy and Traces, on which we reported earlier. Watch the videos below.

Part 1: Intrenity / Consequences / Alterra

Part 2: Reform Pt. II / False History

Xerath's YouTube page

Dedicted: video blog of album recording available


Dedicted have uploaded a video blog of the drum recording sessions for their sophomore album, which they finished recording a few weeks ago. It is slated for release in early 2010. A second video blog will be uploaded soon. Watch the video on Myspace!

Swiss festival confirms TesseracT and The Ocean for their 2010 issue


Swiss festival BREAK THE SILENCE and their booking agency have confirmed the first appearance of British djent band TesseracT for their 2010 issue taking place May 8th, alongside with German/Swiss The Ocean. More bands to be announced.

Fuge working on debut album


Fuge report that they have started work on their debut album. They are currently recording vocals, and some new tracks will be recorded as well. The release date is planned for early 2010.

Fuge recently turned from a "home studio project" into a full fledged band, after the recruitment of vocalist Erick Wight (read the article here). They have uploaded a song with vocals called "Trainwreck". Check it out on Myspace.

Textures: Live footage and interview from Ilha Do Emral Festival


Live footage and interview with Textures drummer Stef Brooks at the Ilha Do Emral Festival in Portugal. Stef discusses touring plans, travel, signing with Nuclear Blast Records and deodorant.

Tesseract video update: Concealing Fate Part 2 mastering session


Tesseract have uploaded a new video featuring a short clip from the song Concealing Fate Part 2, which will be on their debut album One, due to be released in early 2010.

Vildhjarta need your help: Metaltown festival 2010


Vildhjarta are currently participating in a poll to play at the Metaltown festival in Gothenburg on June 18th and 19th, 2010. They are asking all fans to vote for them on the website of the festival, at

Because the website is in Swedish, they have provided instructions:

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