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The Machinist: new clips available on Myspace


Tom Still (from Invocation)'s other band "The Machinist " have been very busy writing and have uploaded a few tasters from the upcoming album. Two new clips are available available; one is from a song called "Split Seconds", the other is from an as yet untitled track.

Check them out on the band's Myspace.

X3N post first studio diary entry


X3N have posted the first in a series of studio diaries, detailing the recording process for their upcoming debut album which is to be released in early 2010. The band are currently tracking guitars, which will be reamped later in a professional studio (which one has not been disclosed yet).

The band will be tracking vocals for 'Frailty' at the Bridge to Apathy home studio over the next two weeks. They are also working on a new song, titled 'Behemoth'. Some Cubase screenshots for the arrangements of these two songs are included, as well as some information about the instruments and equipment used.

A preproduction sampler is currently available on their Myspace page. The band will not be uploading any more material until it has been recorded professionally.

Read the post on Myspace.

Chimp Spanner announces next album, details creation process


Paul Ortiz, AKA Chimp Spanner, has announced his plans for a new album, that should hopefully be finished by the end of this year. His sophomore album, At the Dream's Edge, was only released last month. In a post on his Myspace page, he details and illustrates his workflow, and how he will bring this into practice using Cubase, a digital audio sequencer.

He writes: "Hey everyone! So I thought seeing how I never did get around to writing those articles (notice how I cunningly removed the links?) I'd go through all the steps involved in the making of the next album ambitiously scheduled for the end of 2010. That way, it keeps things interesting, and it will also force me to make some progress as you'll all know when I've not been working Wink I also now own a camcorder! So expect to see plenty of tracking videos, and a hilarious blooper reel. Okay. Maybe not that last one."

Read more on Myspace.

TesseracT Looking Back on 2009's Most Discussed Events


TesseracT speak of the things that happened during 2009 and for quite a while held dominant place on worldwide news agencies.

On Michael Jackson's death, the band simply added that "People die" whilst on the X-Factor show there was a statement of the type "Some people live who should die".

On Jordan & Peter Andre's split, they suggest the pair gets back together and destroy their careers with a cover of Kylie and Jason.

Mimic: new song teaser 'Enkon' available


Mimic, formerly known as Fuge, have uploaded a teaser for a new song titled 'Enkon'. Listen to it on their Myspace page. Mimic are currently working on their debut album, which is supposed to be released in early 2010. The band relocated from Hungary to Maryland, US recently, after recruiting Erick Wight (vocals) and Greg Sands (bass). A video blog detailing the name change and the recording of the album was posted about two weeks ago; watch it here.

Admiral Angry finish recording 'A Fire to Burn Down the World'


Sludge metallers Admiral Angry have announced that they have finished recording their upcoming album 'A Fire to Burn Down the World', at Wet 'n Dry studios. Admiral Angry guitarist Daniel Kraus, AKA "The Admiral", passed away from cystic fibrosis earlier this year, at the age of 22.

About this album, the band write:
"For those of you who are unaware of the situation the band is in, Daniel Kraus (or to those who knew him, THE Admiral) passed away earlier this year leaving us with one last piece of material, which is A Fire. This is not Buster pt. 2, nor is it ten songs sloppily put together to be forgotten. It's a mammoth of an album. One 30 minute long song, meant to punish you for all the bad things you've done in your bedroom. A Fire is not meant for everyone, but is being released for the one person that had the determination to set this world ablaze before he left it.


Finally, as a reminder, ALL of the profits earned from "Buster" and "A Fire to Burn Down the World" will be donated to the Cystic Fibrosis fund. As it was, and as it always will be, we hope you find our music most unpleasant."

'A Fire to Burn Down the World' will be released by shelsmusic in spring 2010, on vinyl and CD.

Read the announcement on Myspace.

Interview with Limit Zero available

1 has published an interview with Shreyas Skandan and Sachin Rajmohan of Limit Zero. The interview mainly discusses their self-titled free EP "Limit Zero" which was recently released, and which is available for download (as we reported earlier).

Read the interview at "Math Metal Monday"


Metal blog has published an article titled "Math Metal Monday", in which a couple of technical metal releases of the past year are highlighted. The article discusses Silhouettes by Textures, The Sea of See Through Skins by Tardive Dyskinesia, Deranged Headtrip by CiLiCe and Lazarus by Hacride.

Meshuggah: short interview about upcoming Live DVD available

4 has published a short interview with Meshuggah drummer Thomas Haake, about the upcoming Live DVD 'Alive', due to be released in February 2010. More information about the release date, the track listing and the official trailer video are available on this site. Read the interview below.

Without sounding presumptuous, what took so long to get that DVD ‘Alive’ done?
To be honest I’m not entirely sure why it took us so long! It’s just one of those things that we’ve been thinking of doing for a bunch of years, but never got around to doing! We were approached by Ian McFarland/Killswitch TV about this after he had done the Bleed video for the latest (obZen) album, and his excitement over the whole project of doing a live dvd was kind of what finally got us into gear! So we owe it to him for really pushing us and also for how the dvd came to look/sound etc. he did a phenomenal job with it! I think this kind of scenario is really common among touring bands, in the sense that you got touring, writing and all that on your mind and in the “off periods”, instead of planning for all the coming things you tend to want to spend that time on your family and “home life” (that’s a good thing of course). So a lot of times I think bands need that push by “outside” people/management or whatever it might be to get things started! That’s how things usually are for us at least!

Periphery Working on the New Album


Periphery have announced that they're making really good progress on the album. It should probably be ready by the end of January and released in April 2010.

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