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TesseracT publish lyrics for 'Lament'


TesseracT have published the lyrics for 'Lament', a song off their forthcoming album One, due to be released in early 2010. The song can be listened to on the band's Myspace page. It is the only publicly available recording for the new album so far. It is also the first material to surface featuring new vocalist Dan Tompkins (ex-First Signs of Frost).


I can’t be further away from endless life
Oh my god stars flash before my eyes
I’m slowly fading into my memories
So slowly fading tonight’s the last you’ll ever see
So slowly dreaming the last time
Oh my god so many people leaving me behind
Oh my god remember all those things you tried to hide
So slowly fading tonight’s the last you’ll ever see
So slowly dreaming the last time
Slowly fading I know you’re slowly dreaming

Read the announcement on Myspace.

Source: Facebook

Liquorworks: video of new song 'Chemist' available


Kosti Aho of Liquorworks has uploaded a video of himself playing a new song titled 'Chemist'. Watch it below. A recorded version of this song is also available in MP3 format - it can be downloaded here. The video information on Youtube indicates that the song is a "work in progress", so as yet it is unknown whether this is the final version.

Some other songs are available on his Myspace page and his Soundclick page.

Read the announcement on Myspace.

Textures uploads live video of 'Laments of an Icarus'


Performance filmed at Teleclub in Yekaterinburg, Russia during their Russian Roulette Tour in 2009. Laments of an Icarus is taken from the bands third album, Silhouettes.

Earlier in the month the band also uploaded a video Transgression recorded at the same venue, which we reported about here.

Audio Collapse: part of new song "Panorama" available


Audio Collapse have uploaded part of a new song, titled "Panorama", to their Youtube channel. Presumably, the song will be included on the EP they are currently recording (as we reported earlier). Listen below.

Sky Eats Airplane reveal new line-up, introduces Elliot Coleman into the fold.


Florida-based progressive metalcore band Sky Eats Airplane have revealed their new line-up. The band now features Bryan Zimmerman (vocals) who will replace Jerry Roush, and Elliot Coleman (vocals/bass, also a member of Of Man Not Of Machine) who will be taking the place of Johno Erickson. This is Sky Eats Airplane's second recent line-up change as Travis Orbin also joined the band after leaving Periphery earlier in the year.

Bleeding Skies: new song 'Let me go' available


Darren Cruickshank from Bleeding Skies has uploaded a new song, titled 'Let me go', to his Soundclick page.

Listen to it on Soundclick or on his Myspace page.

Drewsif Stalin's Musical Endeavors Releases "An Insomniac's Narrative"


Andrew Reynolds, AKA Drewsif Stalin from Drewsif Stalin's Musical Endeavors, has released his newest album, "An Insomniac's Narrative". It can be downloaded for free (and legally) from

Melakartha: new song 'Infidel' available


Sridharan Ravichandran of Melakartha has uploaded a new track titled 'Infidel' to his Soundclick page. About this, he writes: "This was an old idea that inspired me & I decided to work on it. Drop C tuning, with Superior Drummer. One of my favourite mixes so far. Enjoy!". A couple of other songs are available as well, including two instrumental Misery Signals covers.

Listen to 'Infidel' on Soundclick.

Mnemic: 'March of the Tripods' now streaming on band's MySpace


March of the Tripods is now streaming on Mnemic's official MySpace. It will feature on their upcoming fourth album, Sons of the System, which due to be released on 15th January in Europe, and 26th January in North America. The album will also feature Diesel Uterus, which can also be heard here.

TesseracT upload '2009 in a nutshell' video


TesseracT have compiled a video of their highlights of 2009. Topics include their performance at Hammerfest, the European tour, the recording of their upcoming album 'One' and Dan Tompkins joining as the band's new vocalist. It also includes some new live footage and some new fragments of the recording. Watch it below.

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