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Periphery: Matt Halpern and Bulb jamming - video available


Periphery have uploaded a short video clip of Misha Mansoor (AKA Bulb) and Matt Halpern jamming to the song 'Racecar', in the recording studio. Watch it below. Periphery are currently recording their debut album, which is to be released in April this year.

Circle of Contempt drummer posts 'Drum Art' video


Circle of Contempt drummer JP Kaukonen has posted a video of himself 'redecorating' his drum kit to the band's recently unveiled official YouTube channel. Watch it below.

Tom from Invocation covers TesseracT's 'Lament', video available


Tom Still from Invocation has posted a video of himself covering TesseracT's 'Lament'. It is intended as test for his Engl Invader 100. He writes: "Last video was a bit of a fail, so heres a better video of me covering Tesseract's "Lament", great song to play, still learning though ;D" Watch the video below.

TesseracT: new song 'Deception' available on Myspace


TesseracT have uploaded another song off their upcoming debut album 'One', titled 'Deception - Concealing Fate Part Two', to their Myspace page. As we reported, the song was aired on radio earlier tonight. It is also featured on next month's Metal Hammer UK cover CD. TesseracT's debut album is to be released in early 2010.

A video featuring the song, accompanied by pictures of the band's performances, is available on Facebook.

The lyrics of the song are as follows:

Deception - Concealing Fate Part 2
So my demons your time has come
You will find me lay here
You and I both entwined
How refined an encounter
You ignite within my mind
With one desire
When it falls into place
Rush of fear takes over
Suddenly you succumb to impatience
And Surrender
So my demons your time has come

Listen to it on Myspace.

UPDATE: the song is now also available on YouTube. Listen below.

Circle of Contempt unveil YouTube channel, B-side track available


Circle of Contempt have unveiled their official YouTube channel, which they set up a couple of days ago. They have uploaded a B-side track from the recordings of their debut album 'Artifacts in Motion', called 'Solar Synthesis'. Listen to it below. The band have indicated that they will be uploading new videos and updates regularly.

As we reported earlier, Circle of Contempt will soon be embarking on a US tour with Veil Of Maya, Animals As Leaders and Periphery. 'Artifacts in Motion' was released on November 23rd last year, by Sumerian Records.

Read the announcement on Myspace.

Melakartha: play-through video of 'Infidel' available


Sridharan Ravichandran of Melakartha has just put up a video of himself playing his latest track 'Infidel'. Watch it below. The song is also available on SoundClick, as we reported earlier.

Pathogenic: recording update, live footage available


Pathogenic have posted an update about the recording of their album on Myspace. They write that they will get started on the pre-production in a few days. Guitars should be recorded by the end of the month. They also indicate that the saxophone will be featured on the album.

They have uploaded some live footage, recorded at the Midway Cafe in Boston, MA. Watch it below.

Read the update on Myspace.

worC: new song available


worC, AKA Auré Pereira of Uneven Structure, has uploaded a new song titled 'Coherence' to his SoundClick page. He writes:
"Finally uploading something new! Testing out a new mix as well as different riff ideas. This is totally different from what I'm used to doing but whatever, who cares anyway!"

Listen to it on SoundClick.

Carthage welcome new vocalist, announce big plans


Carthage have recruited Chris Bonner as their new vocalist. They also report that they are currently writing lyrics and preparing for a show with Winds of Plague, For Today, Despised Icon, Stray from the Path, The World we Knew and fellow Marylanders An Obscure Signal. The band will be uploading redone tracks with vocals in the coming weeks. Check out the current versions on Myspace and Soundclick.

Watch a short clip of Chris's audition below.

Solace: album update


Karl Schubach of Solace has posted the album update that he'd promised us on Twitter earlier today. In it, he requests everyone to record voice clips, which he will layer over the intro to a song on the upcoming album.

"As a little interweb experiment I want to collect voice clips from you, the fans, and layer them over the intro to a song I've written for this upcoming Solace record. [...] I want to ask you to provide 3-5 sentences, describing what religion means to you, or what role it plays in your life. "

Read the full announcement on Myspace.

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