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Solace: track news


It has been quite a while since the last news on Karl Schubach's project Solace: Latest update was a Fear Factory cover which can be listened to at his Myspace.

Now he announced on Twitter that he'll "be tweeting tomorrow afternoon, telling you what you can do to be a part of a track on this upcoming Solace album i'm putting out!" So, let's hope for a major update tomorrow.

Source: Twitter

Uneven Structure discuss '8' reception


Uneven Structure have posted an update about the reception of their debut EP '8', which they released and made available for free about three weeks ago (read about it here). The EP can be downloaded from

They write: "[...] the feedback has been amazing so far! A big thanks to you all for supporting us! The EP has been downloaded 7000+ times (8k, here we come!) and thanks to you guys, we've been reviewed by three websites already."

Whether this figure pertains only to downloads from the 'official' location or not, is unknown at the moment. If it does, the real number is bound to be much higher, because it had already been mirrored by popular music downloading sites merely hours after its release.

A review of the EP is also available on this website, read it here.

As announced earlier, will be conducting an interview with Uneven Structure soon. Questions are still welcome in the dedicated forum topic, or through Myspace or Twitter (@gotdjent or @unevenstructure).

Read the update on Myspace.

After The Burial pre-production video available


After The Burial have uploaded a pre-production video of a song off their third full-length album, which they are currently writing and recording. In it, guitarists Justin Lowe and Trent Hafdahl shed some light on the creative process. Watch it below.


InertiaEffect: new song 'Symbiotic / Self Image' available


Tim Kramer of InertiaEffect has uploaded a new track titled 'Symbiotic / Self Image' to his Myspace page. The version that is currently available is still a work in progress. He is also working on an EP which should be released by mid 2010.

Listen to 'Symbiotic / Self Image' on Myspace.

Mnemic: new album available for streaming


All tracks off Mnemic's upcoming album Sons of the System have been made available on their Myspace page. Two tracks, 'Diesel Uterus' and 'March of the Tripods', were already available earlier. The album will be released by Nuclear Blast Records on 15th January in Europe, and 26th January in North America.


Haunted Shores: recording update


Haunted Shores have posted an update about the recording of their debut album, which is to be released later this year. Originally, the band intended to record an EP, but they ended up having enough material for a full-length. The instrumental side of the album is about halfway done. They are currently writing a lot of new material, some of which will be made available in the very near future.

The recording will be more or less on hold during most of January and February, because Misha Mansoor will be on tour with his main band, Periphery. Dates for this tour can be found here.

Haunted Shores have also announced that they have recruited a singer, but they have not disclosed his identity yet.

Read the announcement on Myspace

Reign The Absolute: new live footage available


Russian math metallers Reign The Absolute have uploaded a live video of the song 'Bite Off My Face' to YouTube. The footage is taken from their Live DVD (RTA Promo Pack). Watch it below. The band are currently working on new material for their first full-length album.

Mimic: demo recording update


Mimic have updated us on their recording progress. They will be rerecording guitars and vocals for 'Enkon', a new song, of which a teaser is available on their Myspace page.

They are currently working on a demo which they will use in their search for a label. It will contain the songs 'Enkon', 'Egg', 'Andromeda' and 'Trainwreck', and it will probably be finished in about two weeks. All songs will be uploaded to their Myspace page as soon as the demo is finished. Older versions of these songs can be found on the band's Myspace and Soundclick pages.

Periphery: short video clip available


Periphery have uploaded a short video clip demonstrating "a sick new riff that will eat your parents for death! ". Watch it below. The band are currently working on their debut album, which is to be released in April. to conduct interview with Uneven Structure - questions needed!

7 will be conducting an interview with Uneven Structure, who have recently released an EP titled '8', and are currently working on their debut album 'Februus'. The EP can be downloaded for free from

Everyone can submit questions they would like the band to answer, by replying to this forum topic. If you want to ask a question, but you don't have a account yet, you can make one in a couple of minutes by clicking here.

Click here to post some questions.

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