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Mnemic: new track "Diesel Uterus" available on Myspace


Mnemic have uploaded their new song "Diesel Uterus", off their forthcoming album Sons of the System, to their Myspace page. This song was already available for streaming through Metal Hammer, as we reported earlier.

Meshuggah - Official Live DVD Trailer


Meshuggah have uploaded the official trailer for their upcoming Live DVD and CD named "Alive".

Watch it here:

Audio Collapse: new song excerpts available


Alex from Audio Collapse has just uploaded two new excerpts to Soundclick, presumably from the EP they are working on.

Listen to 'Sampler 1' on Soundclick
Listen to 'Sampler 2' on Soundclick

More songs and excerpts are available on the band's Myspace page and Soundclick page.

The Empire Shall Fall post Behind The Scenes Pt.1


The Empire Shall Fall, featuring Jesse Leach (ex-Killswitch Engage) on vocals, have uploaded a new video diary entry titled "Behind The Scenes, part 1". Watch it below.


Tesseract at Hellfire festival: interviews available


Corrosion TV has conducted an interview with TesseracT at Hellfire Festival in Birmingham, where they played on November 7th. Interviews with other bands, including Xerath and The Arusha Accord, are available as well. Watch it here.
More interviews are available at

Cyclamen: split EP recording update


Cyclamen have posted an update about their upcoming split EP with Haunted Shores, which we posted about last month. The tracks are currently being mixed. The band will take a break from recording for the holidays and will continue in January. They also report that Haunted Shores needed to delay the release date, so it has been pushed back to February 2010.

Limit Zero EP available for download


Limit Zero released their self-titled 3 track demo EP, Limit Zero, on December 10th. As of today, it also available for download at Hardcopies are available as well and can be ordered with the band. The EP itself is free, only shipping costs (from India) are charged.

The tracklisting is as follows:
1. Approaching Infinity (4:55)
2. Focus (4:00)
3. Arcturus (5:03)

Ellyptik looking for additional vocalist and guitarist, working on EP


Ellyptik have announced that they wish to complete their lineup by recruiting an additional vocalist (for clean vocals) and a sevenstring guitarist. The band is currently a five piece (vocals, bass, drums, two guitar players). They have also indicated that they are currently working on an EP.

Read the announcement on Myspace for more details.

Fuge change name to Mimic - video blog available


Fuge have announced that they are changing their name to Mimic. They have uploaded a video blog about the name change and the recording of their first album. It also features some new music. More video blogs are to follow soon. Watch it below.

Read the announcement on Myspace.

BIRN interview with Misha Mansoor available


As we reported, the Berklee Internet Radio Network (BIRN) aired an interview with Misha "Bulb" Mansoor tonight, during their prog/metal show "Can I Haz Progzorz?". A recording of this almost 50-minute long interview is available - download it here! (m4a format, 56:41, 53 MB)

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