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Haunted Shores: new song available


TesseracT have uploaded a new demo song without vocals, titled "When in Oslo", on Myspace. Listen to it here.

Haunted Shores is a project by Mark Holcomb. Recently, he has teamed up with Misha "Bulb" Mansoor and this has had a noticeable effect on the music. They also play together in Of Man Not Of Machine.

Xerath: guitarist takes a step back, UK tour with Abigail Williams


Andy Phillips, guitarist and founding member of Xerath, has decided to take a step back from his live duties with the band. He made this decision last month. In his own words: "It's complicated, I want Xerath to be huuuugggee, but I also want a bunch of other stuff in life, and it's just not compatible with extensive touring [...]" (source: UKMU).

The Safety Fire: Studio Diary - Album update


The Safety Fire have uploaded a short teaser video on Youtube. It is the first part in a series of studio diary videos, which indicates that they are recording their new album. Watch it here.

The Safety Fire had announced that they were writing music for a new album in September this year. They released their debut EP Sections exclusively on iTunes on October 5th.

The band will be playing their new material during a UK tour with No Made Sense in February.

Burnt By The Sun: Exclusive Live Footage by Metal Injection


Check what very well could be the last When Knives Go Skyward show on U.S. soil. Click the links below.

Part I: There Will Be Blood
Part II: Goliath
Part III: Dow Jones and the Temple of Doom

Architects Added To Soundwave


Architects have replaced The Devil Wears Prada at Australia's Soundwave festival. The band have pulled out of the festival to tour the US with Killswitch Engage.

The Red Chord Video Interview

0 conducted an interview with vocalist Guy Kozowyk of The Red Chord when the band played in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on November 1, 2009. Click the link below to watch it.

Click me! launched


As of today, November 18th, is officially open for business. is a new community portal for fans of 'djent'. Everyone can post news stories, which are published on the front page, after they sign up. In addition, there are also discussion forums, a web chat applet and a browsable database for bands and releases.

Please check out the About page for more information. You can register here.

Keith Merrow: play-through video of "Bioluminescent" available


Keith Merrow has uploaded a play-through video of "Bioluminescent", the first track off his new EP, "The Arrival", which was released a few days ago. Watch it on Youtube. A video of "Abducted", off the same EP, is also available here.

More play-through videos and clips are available on his Youtube page at

Ion Dissonance preparing a new album!


Almost two years after their latest release "Minus the Herd", Ion Dissonance are finally ready to get started with their fourth full-length. According to the band, they're almost done with writing the songs!

TesseracT: video montage of Hellfire 2 Festival performance available


TesseracT have posted a video montage of their performance at this year's Hellfire 2 Festival at the Birmingham NEC arena.
Watch it on Youtube or on their Facebook page.

This performance was the live debut of Dan Tompkins, formerly of First Signs of Frost, who was officially announced as their new vocalist a couple of weeks ago (although everyone already knew). Unfortunately, no audio footage is available as of yet.

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