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Uneven Structure: new song 'Incube'


Taken from the upcoming album 'La Partition', slated for release on April 21, 2017 via Long Branch Records.

The Lucid Archetype: new EP '2.0' released


Exclusive: new Valis Ablaze EP 'Insularity'


We are premiering Valis Ablaze's new EP, titled 'Insularity'. The EP is due for release on January 30th, 2017, a bit more than 3 years after their debut EP 'Abiogenesis'. Fans of TesseracT and Skyharbor will want to check this one out! The full track listing can be found below. The EP is now available for pre-order from the band's website.

'Insularity' was produced by Drewsif Stalin.



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Obesity EP
Self-released January 31, 2017


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The HAARP Machine: new untitled track guitar playthrough

Time, The Valuator

Essen, Germany


Time, The Valuator, five guys from Germany deliver a colourful sound, showing a balancing act of Alternative catchiness and adventurous Progressive Rock songwriting.
With Elusive Reasons as their debut single, the quintet pave the way to a journey full of surprises. Stay tuned for what these guys have in store!


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Yonsample - Extropy [Full-length]
December 16, 2015 - unknown


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Which are the best djent releases of 2015?

The moderation team goes through a lot of music in a year. As in previous years, we are concluding our "favourite albums of 2015" series of posts with a number of editors' picks: releases that we felt didn't get the attention they deserve.

The moderators are pitching a couple of albums to you that they feel are worth hearing, but didn't make the 'favourite releases of 2015' list. Contrary to our poll, which was based on site users' votes, the list presented below is based on the opinions of individual staff members, and it is important to be aware that it does not represent the opinion of as a whole. Since it is one of our main goals to be a neutral community platform, we feel that this disclaimer is appropriate and indeed necessary.

Our picks will be split across two posts. Today, we're publishing part 2, with recommendations for 11 albums, as well as streaming, downloading and purchasing options where applicable. If a free download link is provided, that means the album was released for free by the artist(s). All free downloads are 100% legal.