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Slice The Cake: new song 'Stone and Silver I. The Mountains of Man'



Red Seas Fire - Resolution [EP]
March 9, 2015 - Self-released


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A map of djent: fourth edition


It's been almost a year since we last updated the map of djent, so it's time for a new edition.

Since we introduced the 'become a fan' feature on the site, 4180 users have become a fan of 1268 different bands (there are about 1400 bands and projects in our database in total at this time). We used this information to generate a 'map of djent', by linking together bands who have a lot of fans in common.

To keep things manageable, only bands with 80 fans or more are displayed on the map, yielding 115 bands in total. Click the preview below to view the map in full size.

Novallo: new EP 'Novallo II' preview video

in's favourite releases of 2014: part 3


Which are the best djent releases of 2014?

Last week, we announced positions 20 through 4 in the top 20 releases of 2014. Today, we're announcing the top 3! We're also announcing the top 10 of freely downloadable releases of 2014. Once again, we want to thank everyone who participated and shared their favourites with us, as well as all the bands who put out tons of awesome music for us to enjoy!

In a few weeks' time, we'll also posting our editors' picks of 2014, to highlight some awesome albums that might have slipped under the radar. Stay tuned for that!

If you want to listen to listen to all of this awesome music on Spotify, site user hateom has you covered: check out his top 2014 Spotify playlist here!


Russian Federation, Moscow


Reference - the band formed at the end of 2013, making its’ own way in the music world. Openness for experiments with sound imposes uncommon handwriting, immersing the listener in the concept of the band. People who don't make loud statements, people who burn what they do for the sake of the listener and satisfaction of own ego. We believe that the spark of light is capable to dispel a household gloom and a dullness of everyday life. We believe in energy of space and in merits of people


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Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Ascension EP
Self-released June 6, 2014


22 fans
  • inedawetrust
  • pinaple
  • Mario
  • Nicholson Ann
  • OLEG
  • vstaskin
  • Sarah Henson
  • Sally Er
  • Costo
  • Kort
  • AlexHadesvox
  • Daesif
  • rockfan7
  • Infinitas
  • WakkaBone
  • Peter_Portal
  • Februus1111
  • Podpol
  • dmitrylav
  • tatiana_sarul
  • Blackheart
  • reference

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Drewsif Stalin's Musical Endeavors: new song "Seldom"


The song will be featured on their upcoming album '...Comes To An End'


Reference - Ascension [EP]
June 6, 2014 - Self-released


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Lugano, Switzerland


Site members

Nakaruga reaches from Switzerland and was formed in 2006. The band released an un-titled EP in 2008, and it is preparing to release its first LP, Terramorpher, in 2015.

Nakaruga’s music has a predominantly “groovy” attitude, with significant addition of electronics and synthesizers.

Besides its six main constituents, Nakaruga is a community that fosters co-creation, allowing anybody on the planet to actively participate in any stage of development (e.g. design, conceptualisation, lyrics, sound, etc.).


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Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Terramorpher Full-length
unknown 2015
Nakaruga EP
unknown unknown


10 fans
  • komudigar
  • CroOZza
  • Ditenado
  • benanne
  • jamessal85
  • xBUDDHAx
  • pat81
  • symbeyonddr
  • Elitisthavoc

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