ÅskfÅgel (split with XVI)

Dylan Wilson - ÅskfÅgel (split with XVI) [Split]
August 10, 2012 - Self-released

1. Error
2. In Flames
3. Baptism Under Fire
4. Sammy


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Artwork by Ed Brescia.

True facts man. The Swedish should be "Åskfågel", Which is Thunder Bird.

Being blessed with being from the Southeastern U.S, and no sense of the Swedish language except for a couple of words, I was forced to use a translator. It kept coming up as "Åska fågel", so that's what I went with.

The artwork will have the corrected title. Thank you for your correction! Check out my first album if you haven't already.

if you want it to be proper swedish dude it should be Åskfågel (thunder bird, right?)