10 Code

Yüth Forever - 10 Code [EP]
August 27, 2013 - Self-released

01. 10-56
02. Man of the Evening
03. Directions to Servants
04. Death and Serenity
05. The Deep Six
06. Presage
07. The Recluse
08. Black


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Every song on this album brings another storm of aggression, pain, and anger. From the moment 10-56 begins, to the slow, ambience of Death and Serenity, to the wakeup call that is The Deep Six, to the groove of Black. This album totally portrays what I think towards the world and the rest of humanity right now.

Unique sounding band that definitely makes a name for themselves. Whenever they come up on my iPod I know immediately who it is. The record contains blasting, yet slow-paced drum and guitar combinations featuring a raspy, spine-tingling voice that brings out the angry deep inside of me. One of my absolute favorite releases of the year.

Definitely one of the most brutal albums I've heard in a long time. Heavy from start to finish. As beautiful as it is dreadful. Choppy and articulate guitars, solid bass, throaty mid/high screams and a precise drummer make this band one of those things that make me very, very happy. I will definitely be hitting a show soon.