Uneven Structure - 8 [EP]
December 18, 2009 - Self-released

01 - Dianoia
02 - Egocentric Focus
03 - To a Higher Quiddity
04 - Capillarity
05 - Confused Waveforms
06 - Delusions of Grandeur
07 - Depression
08 - 8

Total length : 21:00mn


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well it seems your dream came true, friend Smile

This album needs to be re-recorded. This is the best extreme metal I've heard since Meshuggah (not including Periphery, which I'm not sure is in the same vein), but the sound quality is terrible.


Please give us more clarity in the guitar!

Me is here! Laughing out loud

This album is..... ok but the quality is TERRIBLE! I feel like I have the "treble reducer EQ" on my ipod everytime I hear this!!! Although it does make it sound kinda neat, but only on stereo speakers at home. Please give us more clarity in the guitar! (maybe it's just me?)


Don't say something stupid ok.

I love Meshuggah, and so do you, so just don't go there...

This band is really amazing.

I get lost in an almost moth-like coma on 8.
It's so beautiful, yet deadly.

I'm happily petrified with this album.

wish it was longer though.

Fantastic !!!

Download this EP for free from http://www.unevenstructure.net/ !