Acid Mist Tomorrow

Hypno5e - Acid Mist Tomorrow [Full-length]
March 23, 2012 - Season of Mist

1. Acid Mist Tomorrow
2. Six Fingers In One Hand She holds the dawn Part I
3. Six Fingers In One Hand She holds the dawn Part II
4. Story Of The Eye
5. Gehenne Part I
6. Gehenne Part II
7. Gehenne Part III
8. Brume Unique Obscurité Part I
9. Brume Unique Obscurité Part II


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I was surprised... amazing! Laughing out loud
I can't believe they are French... are they really French...? o_0
Melody sound like a Japanese period drama. It's really sorrowful atmosphere... ;_; but it's really beautiful... Smile
Mmm... Samurai post-metal indeed, really impressive!!

Definitely Masterpiece! \m/

The album is fantastic. The samples seem odd at first, but they fit the mood of the album. I expect this to be in my top 20 come year's end.

Gorod is another great French band as is Hacride and of course Gojira. France has become the new Sweden for metal in the last few years.

Gotta agree, it's a work of art. Some great stuff coming out of France this year, also check out Innerty and - Tabula Rasa and Outcast - Awaken the Reason Smile

This is the best album of the year so far! I have been listening the hell out of this album since it arrived in the mail a week or two ago. A must have for fans of any of the following bands: Opeth, Gojira, Exotic Animal Petting Zoo, Thrice (Vheissu-era), and The Ocean.

Talk about underrated. These guys need publicity.