Altered State

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TesseracT - Altered State [Full-length]
May 27, 2013 - Century Media Records

1. Of Matter - Proxy
2. Of Matter - Retrospect
3. Of Matter - Resist
4. Of Mind - Nocturne
5. Of Mind – Exiled
6. Of Reality - Eclipse
7. Of Reality - Palingenisis
8. Of Reality - Calabi-Yau
9. Of Energy - Singularity
10. Of Energy - Embers

*Disc Two (Limited Edition only):
1. Of Matter – Proxy / Instrumental
2. Of Matter – Retrospect / Instrumental
3. Of Matter – Resist / Instrumental
4. Of Mind – Nocturne / Instrumental
5. Of Mind – Exiled / Instrumental
6. Of Reality – Eclipse / Instrumental
7. Of Reality – Palingenesis / Instrumental
8. Of Reality – Calabi-Yau / Instrumental
9. Of Energy – Singularity / Instrumental
10. Of Energy – Embers / Instrumental


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Favorite album of the year so far

Wow I never really heard the bass until I got to the instrumental version... excellent album. One of the best djent records of all time. Vocals were "meh" I bought the limited version solely for the instrumentals. Favorite track Palingenisis was also one of the shortest... same issue with Animas as Leaders' Weightless, they could've done a lot with those but it's still good.

If this album were a woman, I'd definately marry it!

This album is simply the most beautiful album I have ever heard. The vocals are the best on any album in years. Ashe really brought something to the table. The music is beautiful in itself, too. I honestly do not mind that the album is not as technical. Sometimes it doesn't have to be to make good music. Everything works together perfectly in this album. Definitely the best album of the year, and one of the best of the past decade. 5/5.

Well, Merchconnection just responded to the email I sent them in which I asked for the status of my TesseracT pre-order. They said that they haven't yet received the CD Digipak from their "suppliers" so it isn't even close to arriving and hasn't even been shipped yet. Very disappointing. I'm pretty sure I'm done with pre-orders. Why should I order early only to receive late?? I don't see the point anymore. This same shit happened with Periphery II and as far as I'm concerned it's just piss poor business. The only ones who got it right were Meshuggah, naturally. I received Koloss almost a whole week earlier than expected. That's the way it should be if you ask me. F*ck pre-orders.

Uhm, isn't track 5 supposed to be named "Exiled". I mean my iTunes also fucked it up, but that's what the CD says Laughing out loud
Epic album. nuff said


May has been the best month for music in years! By my count, there were 8 amazing releases:

Means End
The Dillinger Escape Plan
The Ocean

The vocals are fantastic, the music is a bit lacking for me. could use some more guitar leads, the guitar didn't shine much at all on the album. still a 9/10 though, good stuff!

Probably the best progressive metal album I've heard. I can't really compare it to other metal albums (thrash, sludge, etc) but for it's genre it's insanely good. I enjoyed One but this cranks it up even further. One was still raw at times but this has no holes.

Although I loved the guys who sang for TesseracT before, Ashe ended up being perfect. And Mos is outstanding as always. This showcases just how awesome he is.

Also so people don't have to scan through 51 minutes of music to find parts they like Tongue

Just curious, if this album was supposed to be one continuous piece of music, why are there breaks between songs?

I really like this album a lot and it is definitely my top album of the year.

[EDIT] I figured the breaks happen between movements.

Nice true sophomore effort... but the first album is classic, and this is a bit lesser of an album for me, instrumentally mind you... not vocally. Still probably top three album this year, ahead of Mean's End, and behind The Ocean.

Though it is still a week or two from official release. I am listening to it through CMDistro Stream. 10/10.

Shiny Disco Balls *dhik chik*dhik chik*dhik chik*

Preorder has been placed- I just hope merchconnection ships it out right on time!!! I can't wait a day longer than necessary for this one!!

If i could,Rock in Rio shit,should be like the name say.A lot djent bands,prog metal bands,and all metal/rock forms.Unfortunely,here the music,is going down.But i hope this change.

In my country,Brazil,djent music,is very obscure,sadly.

Like other albums!!!!!

홀리쉣 마덜어브갓

lesss gooooooooooooooo