Among Insects

Nociceptor - Among Insects [EP]
January 1, 2011 - Self-released

1. Intro
2. The Fell
3. Emergence
4. Botfly
5. Mollusk
6. Pornoholocaust
7. Cuntagion
8. Angus McGilicuddy

*Mixed and Mastered by Chris Purvis (Friend For A Foe)


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All I needed was less than a minute listen to track 2 and I was hooked. Awesome! Just downloaded the mp3's and going to spend the day smashing my face on my keyboard whilst listening to Among Insects. Thanks guys!

this EP kicks ass! Travis played me some of it when i saw Threat Signal one time. definitely one of the best EP's I've heard. Can't wait for their next release.

After the first listen it is good, but it gets catchier the more you hear it. Hella crunchy and groovy. You can hear the Threat Signal roots, but I think the overall tone is actually a lot better than Threat Signal. Deeper and heavier.

yeah same here, but after a few listens now i'm liking it more and more, i definitely think it's worth getting this EP.

Not too spectacular on the first listen but addictive as hell.

Sounds great actually, very groovy, I like that.