Among the Amorphous

The Interbeing - Among the Amorphous [Full-length]
June 23, 2017 - Long Branch Records

01. Spiral into Existence
02. Deceptive Signal
03. Sins of the Mechanical
04. Borderline Human
05. Purge the Deviant
06. Cellular Synergy
07. Enigmatic Circuits
08. Pinnacle of the Strain
09. Sum of Singularity
10. Among the Amorphous


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Realy good.

Absolute step up for the Interbeing from their debut album. Great mix makes for super groovy djenty riffs.

If im being critical, I'd like to see a bit more depth and complexity in song structure; the songs can get a bit boring - but there are some good guitar and vocal melodies that will keep you listening.

Standout tracks: (4) Borderline Human, and (2) Deceptive Signal.