Audio Depressions

Defect Noises - Audio Depressions [Full-length]
January 1, 2010 - Self-Released

Adrenaline Delusion
Screaming Machine
Against Everything
Evolution in Reverse
Dissonant Agressor
Pseudo Vision
Suffer Innovator
Death Door
Audio Depressions


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I just got my CD today... that's really a brillant album, really speed and melodic, while greatly influenced by meshuggah for the sound, combat poly riffs, frederick thordendal's special defects for the guitar work, soundscapes, and technical brutal death metal with a touch of cynic...

not really a gem because it is IMHO not yet totally personnal, yet still obviously influenced, but this is kick ass influences and it really grooves a lot, and shines in the solo parts...

Thanks for that dope Marian!!

Can't wait for your new material...