David Maxim Micic - Bilo [EP]
May 12, 2011 - Self-released

Bilo: part I 7:38
Bilo: part II 6:12
Bilo: part III 8:20
Bilo: part IV 6:45


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Beautiful music. Looking forward to Bilo 2.0!

This Bilo ep so is amazing... The problem is,if guys like David Maxim Micic and Tre Watson and Drewsif Stalin don't pull off a Skyharbor type collaborative effort, record companies won't get behind true talent just for the few djent fans there are. I hope these guys keep evolving there skills and force companies to re-evaluate what's worth it. May-be Got-Djent could become some half ass record company, I would get behind that in any way I could.

There is a huge Proghma C influence. That is one of the reasons i like it. And production is great. Some commercial bands can only dream of.

Shortly, i want moar !


Wow that solo was fucking awesome. that EP is going on my iPod QUICKTIME

Part IV is just fantastic!

The solo in part I is his:

What track was Jakub featured on? I didn't quite noticed

WOW! My mind has just been slightly expanded.

This music is good for the soul...let it seep into the depths of your mind...and let loose these physical bonds that bound a world that cannot bare the sheer pressure of...creativity........

This is very important project for world djent scene and ground braking for Serbia! Let the music spread!

Updated the link because people were having trouble with the other one.

he's uploading it now, he said via facebook

waiting..... anyone know what time today it's gonna be up?

Will be released 'tonight', Central European Time. Smile

Thats some of the coolest album art Ive ever seen... WHARE IS DIS THING!!!

It's the 12th, where is this EP?

I want this now

... or a week...

It's not out yet, one more day Smile

Where can I get this album?