Bilo 2.0

David Maxim Micic - Bilo 2.0 [EP]
May 28, 2012 - Self-released

1. Electric Fields 03:12
2. Rise and Shine 06:39
3. Along For a Ride 06:23
4. Strange Night 07:11
5. Mbinguni Amina 08:18


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Even better than the first Bilo. Can't wait for Bilo 3!

"Rise and Shine" is catchy as anything.

I really like Bilo 2.0

The first release was much stronger in this EP enjoyed only two tracks 1 and 4. David too many things are mixed, I'm a fan of this progressive, but the way David runs the risk to join the masses on the first submission of the EP felt fine performer. I hope to be more delight from Destiny Potato

BRING IT ON!! I can't waiiitttt

I love their vocalist. I cannot wait for this! I have faith it will surpass my high expectations.

Yeah, the auto tuned vocals ruined an instrumental EP. Theres like one song with vocals and there aren't even any lyrics. Don't tell any band they need to find better musicians, its just rude. Especially that its Aleksandra Djelmas beautiful voice.

No auto tune on this one, please. Ruined the last one. Although, for that to happen, I guess you're going to need to find a better vocalist.

Can't freaking wait it's going to be epic

That is geniuos! I just love the way your djent sounds Tongue