Crossing the Rubicon - Bloom [EP]
August 8, 2016 - Dreamcircle Records

1. "The Inner Journey"
Recorded and Remastered from the 2012 release "The Oneiroi"

2. "...And He Built A Crooked House..."
Chris Catharsis (SoulCycle) : Guitar solo & leads
Tomáš Raclavský (Modern Day Babylon) : Guitar solo & leads
Allen Patrick: Guitar solo & leads

3. "Bloom"

All Performances by

Alejandro Licano: guitars, bass, piano/keys/synth, drum programming, production and concept

Joseph Bradley-Hutchinson: Saxophone
Parker Bracken: Guitar solo, drum programming & piano
Johnny Ciardullo (Galactic Pegasus) Bass

Including Guitar Solos by:
Dylan Fürr (Dylan Fürr Band)
Chris Gordon (Bam Margera)
Jimmy Van Cleaf
Kee Poh Hock (Native Construct)
Diego Hernandez Sierra (Mauna)
Alex Campbell (Seek Irony/ Warner Bros. Records),

Album Credits:
Written, Produced and Recorded by Alejandro Licano

Mixed and Mastered by Steve Perrino @ Compass Audio!portfolio/cee5

Drum Programming by Alejandro Licano & Parker Bracken

Drums Re-sequenced using Steven Slate Drums


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