Sithu Aye - Cassini [Full-length]
September 26, 2011 - Self-released

1: Pillars of Creation
2: Orion
3: Cassini
4: Messier Object
5: Double Helix
6: Dirac Sea
7: Multiverse Part I: Origin
8: Multiverse Part II: Divergence
9: Multiverse Part III: Alternate Realities


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I see your point, and I honestly didn't mean it to be harsh in any way. It just seems simple, compared to the music.
I really love this album and it has been running almost constantly. I can't pick a song I don't like. And from the looks of it, this will be my pick for album of the month, unless something crazy happens.
Keep up the good work. Smile

Downloaded this a while ago but didn't get around to listening to it for a while. This is an amazing record (Orion, especially, is an awesome.)

I quite like the album art too!

Haha, cool man. I'm stoked to hear that people are still finding out about this album! I'm glad you like the music, and welcome to the site, it's a great place to find out about new music!

And for the album art, I wanted to do something different as I kinda felt that there was a strong trend in metal album art that I wanted to avoid. Sorry it let you down bro! Smile

I registrered on this forum just to tell you that this album totally blew me away. (Heard it for the first time today)

I would give this album 10/10 if it weren't for the album art, that in my honest opinion doesn't do this album justice.
Nevertheless keep doing what you do, and please don't add vocals.

Signed - a fan.

Yeah, Bulb and Tosin are definitely influences on my playing and writing. And any comparisons to Tosin are incredibly flattering if a bit untrue since I can't play anywhere near his level! I think it was the specific song to song comparisons from my record, and I found that a bit odd since I've never really worked that way. But what I do like is that everybody is picking out different bands they feel I was influenced by and I think it shows I managed to mish and mash my influences together enough for that to happen. Anyway, cheers for the kind words! Sadly, no real tunes to come until the new year (maybe) but we'll see!

Definitely hear the Bulb/Tosin influences but theres nothin wrong with that!! You've managed to create an album with excellent songs, great quality, and awesome musicianship! Keep up the good work, I'm already itchin for more tunes haha.

I've never really understood that comparison, but if that's what people feel about it then fair play! Anyhow I'm glad you guys like the album, thanks!

Double Helix intro screams All New Materials. Your influences are definitely evident, but as a whole the final product is very original, loving it Smile

Yeah, Lovin' this! Really like 'Messier Object', thought 'Dirac Sea' put it over the top.

Everybody's reading different influences from different songs and I love that. I think it shows I managed to mash all of them together to form my own kinda sound I think!

Cassini = Periphery worship

Messier Object and Double Helix = Animals As Leaders Worship

I love this album! It's like a good mix of both this bands