Chariots Of The Gods

The Korea - Chariots Of The Gods [Full-length]
January 15, 2012 - Unsigned

1. Кобра (Cobra)
2. Ватерлиния (Waterline)
3. Манускрипт (Manuscript)
4. Зомби (Zombie)
5. Нева (Neva)
6. Я понял, чего ты ждешь (I've Got What You Waiting For)
7. Армада (Armada)
8. Валгалла (Valhalla)
9. Поцелуй Иуды (Judas Kiss)
10. XII
11. Теория хаоса (Chaos Theory)
12. Дорога домой (On The Home Way)

*Guest vocals on the 7th track 'Армада (Armada)':
Andrey Averchenkov of ex-My Autumn (
Peter Kosenkov of Change of Loyalty


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Translation to the Lyrics of: Поцелуй Иуды (Judas Kiss)

I repainted day into night, as the only sighted person in the kingdom of the blind.
But you, you'll be able to help me, when you read my diaries!
Kiss in the hot lips, as the poison will see blood.
Cold hands squeeze me hug in dreams.
Kiss in the hot lips, see how the poison will be a lie.
Cold hands squeeze me hug in dreams.
I'll take your truth for a lie!
Easier to wash off the mud than blood!
My body lies decomposing, approximating retribution faster and faster.
I would not shed this blood.
Like a wild beast.
Kiss in the hot lips, as the poison will see blood.
Cold hands squeeze me hug in dreams.
I'm sorry!

and they are not completely correct)

Amazing album!
Alot of cool riffs and the vocals sounds pretty brutal. I thought that maybe the cleans would sound a little wack because it's in russian (Only because im not used to hear the language at all), but it was pretty cool man!

The translations are those given by the band Smile

hi, guys) i'm from Moscow, Russia and i've been to The Korea's concert on March, 24th. To say it was great means to say nothing 'cause they were just awesome) about song titles - #6 is better to translate as "I understood what you are waiting for", and #11 - "On the way home". i'm proud that there is a band from Russia of such level 'cause we don't have many good metal bands. Stay true:)

Took me a little time to get into it, now I just can't stop it. Amazing album! Band got so much potential!

fking amazing album

Never thought I would listen to music with Russian vocals. This is really, really good.

Super powerful insane songs. Rated with 6 stars!Wink

thanks, i've updated the page Smile

and I think the last song title should be "The way home"

the 6th is actually "I've got what you waiting for"...

Great stuff, though I miss the voice of the previos singer)

Actually, it's smth like "I understood, what you're waiting for".

the sixth is i understand want u want

1. Cobra
2. Waterline
3. Manuscript
4. Zombie
5. Neva
6. ???
7. Armada
8. Valhalla
9. Kiss of Judas
10. Chaos Theory
11. The Road Home

These are probably not 100% accurate, but yeah. No idea what track 6 is.

#10 is 'Chaos Theory', that's all I know Smile

English translation for the song titles?

Great book, indeed.

I can't wait for this.

Great book.