Chordata I

Dynahead - Chordata I [Full-length]
March 11, 2013 - unknown

01. Abiogenesis (4:00)
02. Bred Patterns (5:03)
03. Collective Skin (5:24)
04. Dawn Mirrored in Me (4:24)
05. Echoes of the Waves (3:47)
06. Foster (4:14)
07. Growing in Veins (5:35)
08. Hallowed Engine (4:45)
09. Inevitable (5:13)


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Fuckin Great Album

This album is great. Worth listening. Smile

Got to adore the growth this band has gone through. I have to confess I miss the chaotic, or frantic, flair they had on their first album in some places on "Chordata I". But on the other hand, they've managed to wrap their different elements up in a more ordered and accessible fashion than ever before.
There's some great material on here. Reminds a bit of Textures from time to time.

Looks like it, but no.

It's by someone named Chris Panatier

baizley artwork?